Surprise Your Family With This Delicious Meal Of Khatte Chole, Thepla And Chaas

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We are here with our new and delicious Everyday Meal Plate which has some interesting and nutritious recipes. In this meal plate, we have included Khatte Chole along with Gehun Bajra Thepla and Masala Chaas. On the side, we have some sliced onions and fried green chillies.

Khatte Chole, full of protein from the White Chickpeas is great to include in our everyday meals. It is spicy and tartness in this dish comes from the use of Amchur Powder. You can make it for your everyday meals or even when you have guests coming over for Lunch and Dinner. You can also pack it in your Lunch Box with Tawa Paratha or Puri. 

Along with Khatte Chole, we have packed Gehun Bajra Thepla, which is extremely nutritious and goes well with Khatte Chole. Thepla is a Gujarati Bread which is made in almost every household and this is a twist to the usual Theplas. Do try it and we are sure you will make it again and again.

On the side, we have Masala Chaas, Sliced Onions and Fried Green Chillies which completes the meal. You can also make this meal when you have guests coming over for Lunch or Dinner.