Taste A Flavorful Sindhi Diabetic Meal Of Tidali Dal, Karela Bhaji And Jowar Roti

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Here is a delicious Diabetic Friendly Meal Plate full of Sindhi flavours and it has some lip smacking recipes such as Tidali Dal, Karela Bhaji, Jowar Roti and sliced Cucumber. It is a delicious and simple meal which is full of nutrition and also helps you to keep your diabetes in check.

Here, we have a Tidali dal  which is made up of three varieties of dals, chana dal, urad dal and green chilka dal. These Dals are combined and pressure cooked and then a ghee tadka of garlic, cumin seeds and asafoetida is added which makes this dal heavenly. It goes great with phulkas and traditionally it is served with Dodas. Here, we have served the Tidali Dal with Jowar Roti.

Jowar Roti or Jolada roti or Jowar bhakri is an Indian bread made with jowar (Sorghum), which is not just delicious to taste but also is full of nutrition. High dietary fiber content reduces the glycemic index of sorghum. Hence, it takes a longer time for glucose to be released into the blood and therefore it helps in preventing spikes of blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Along with it, we have a Karela Bhaji which as most of us know is always recommended to a person with diabetes. Most people are advised to drink karela juice which honestly is not very appealing. Here we have a tasty karela sabzi which you will enjoy. Bitter Gourd is cooked in Sindhi style, cooked in a tangy onion, tomato and yogurt based curry, cardamom powder and dry pomegranate seeds are added which gives a distinctive flavour to the dish.

Fresh crunchy cucumber is added to the side to complete the meal.

You can eat this meal for lunch or dinner or even pack it into your Lunch Box.