These 5 Healthy Smoothie and Breakfast Combinations Will Make You Love Your Breakfast

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Smoothies are a great source of nutrient packed meal. It is not only tasty but also fills our stomach and is filled with everything you need from, proteins, vitamins, healthy fats to fibre. A glass of healthy smoothie in the morning keeps you energised the entire day. There are many more benefits of consuming healthy smoothies - aids in weight loss, improves digestion, helps your body to detoxify, strengthens your immune system, gives a brain boost and many more.

We usually drink these smoothies in the morning as a part of our breakfast. As these smoothies only fills us up, we need small breakfast options to go along these healthy and tasty smoothies. You can also make these smoothies as a substitute to your evening tea or can give them to your kids as an after school snack.

So, load up on fruits and vegetables with a nutritious blended drink every morning along with tasty breakfast options. Try these combination for your morning breakfast which will energise you the entire day. Here, we have lined up some delicious combinations which are easy to make and are filled with nutrients.