14 Parfait Recipes Make Great Delicious Desserts For That Sweet Tooth

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 We are always on the lookout to serve something different, something delicious to our families, when it comes to our meals. Apart from which, we also focus on the dessert bit, where we want to ensure its not too high in sugar, yet tastes yummy and made a wee bit healthy as well. One such dish are the American parfaits, that are easy to make and liked by almost everyone. 

Parfaits, we are referring to here are the American style of parfaits. In this version, the parfait is usually assembled in a tall glass or a dessert glass with layers of granola, fresh fruits, whipped cream or a healthier substitute like greek yogurt, nuts and dry fruits. 

These parfaits make not just great healthy desserts, but also fabulous breakfasts. Imagine breakfast in a beautiful glass, with layers of granola, yogurt and fruits and nuts. An absolute winner for breakfast too. 

Use fresh seasonal fruits, nuts and dried fruits of your choice, seeds and some creamy thick greek yogurt.

You can use either just plain greek yogurt or flavour it with some fruit puree of your choice to make it fruit greek yogurt. Alternatively, you could also flavour it with spices like cinnamon or nutmeg powder or use some rosewater to add some aroma to it and pair your other elements according to the flavour.

These parfaits are not just a burst of flavours in your mouth, but an absolute riot of textures. A bit of crunch from the granola, smooth creaminess from the yogurt, a punch of freshness from the fruit depending on whether it is a citrus fruit or a stone fruit, that adds a texture of its own to it. 

Adding seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, melon seeds, sunflower seeds instantly up the nutrition level of the parfait and also contribute to the bite of the dessert or breakfast, whatever you would like to call it. 

So quickly put all your ingredients together and whip up these incredible parfait recipes.