This Weekend Let's Breakfast With Palak Dhokla, Chutney & Chai

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Dhokla is a classic Gujarati dish, that is packed with a lot of flavor and taste. In this breakfast meal is a delicious and wholesome Palak Dhokla paired along with a fruit and dahi.

A classic Dhokla recipe goes through a brief period of fermentation. Fermented foods like Dhokla helps in improving gut bacteria, decreases fat deposition in the body and stimulates our metabolism. The addition of Palak Puree to the batter makes it even more healthy and delicious. Palak or Spinach is high in calcium and iron and when Palak is cooked correctly, the nutrient content retains well in the dish it is added to.

In this Breakfast plate we have paired this delicious Palak Dhokla with Curd which is another fermented dish. Curd or universally known as Yogurt aids  with normalisation of stomach acidity and protection of lining of the intestines. 

Along with Palak Dhokla and Curd we have added a handful of pomegranates. They are everyone's favourite fruit owing to its delectable taste and the nice crunch it provides. Apart from the sensory delight, it also comes packing with a lot of nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex and dietary fibre.  If you want to know more about Pomegranates, you should read our Article about this King of Superfoods

Lastly, every Dhokla has to be served with Green Chutney that is chatpata, sweet and spicy and not to miss Gulkand Chai.

Do make this delicious diabetic friendly breakfast of Palak Dhoka for a weekend breakfast or even pack it into your lunch box along with a glass of chaas! 

We wish you Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating