Top 12 Egg based Recipes for World Egg Day

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Eggs give you the much required health boost. Today, on World Egg Day (October 9th) we’ll take you through the benefits of having this inexpensive source of goodness that your body needs.

If you’re not a regular egg eater here are some reasons why you should. Eating a whole egg on a daily basis will take care of some of your body’s calcium, iron and protein requirements. It helps you fulfill your vitamin intake of vitamins like B2, B12, E and C. Eggs are also packed with minerals like iron, zinc and phosphorus which are all essential for the body.

Additionally, eggs are rich in choline which could reduce the chances of you having breast cancer. Besides all this, eggs are also low in calorie and helps with weight loss. Having two eggs for breakfast will keep you full for longer than if you were to have something else.

After having briefly taken you through the benefits it’s time we shared some egg recipes that you will love. For your convenience, we’ve divided the recipes into breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert sections.


Here are a few quick breakfast recipes that you can choose from. From a Masala French Toast, to an Egg Bhurji with a twist, to a Baked Beans Shakshuka we have it all.


A simple Egg Curry recipe, to asimple and quick Egg Biryani and a flavoursome Kerala style Egg Roast; take a pick and enjoy what your heart desires.


Here are a few simple and quick dinner recipes which you could easily make on a weeknight. Choose from a Sri Lankan Kothu Paratha to a Rosemary Mushroom Oatmeal, and a simple and satisfying Egg Fried Rice.


Below are some desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. It ranges from a Pound Cake,  to a simple Banana Chocolate and Poppy seed cake and the good old Creme Caramel Flan.

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