Top 12 Must Try Vegetarian Recipes Across Indian Regional Cuisines

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Today, we bring to you must have recipes from across the country that are most popular on Archana’s Kitchen. It's an experience in itself to look at the kind of diversity we have in our country on the food front. And we have it all right here, just for you. So go right ahead and feast your eyes and your tummies to the most delightful spread we have for you here.

Just browse through the list and take your pick.We have it all covered for you, from North to the South and Eastern to the Western nook of our country.

North Indian

The people from the north love their spices and how. From the humble Rajma to a satisfying Bhatura. There’s also a variation in cooking techniques and to showcase that we have an Aloo Dum that’s been slow cooked in a spicy tomato gravy.

West of India

The most popular recipes from the western region at Archana’s Kitchen are from the state of Gujarat. From the quintessential Gujarati Dal, to the Batata nu Shaak and the much loved Methi Thepla, we’ve covered it all.

East of India

The Bihari and Bengali favourite Aloo Parval ki Sabzi tops the list in the eastern part of the country. Next are the much loved and savoured Calcutta Style Puchka and the Date and Tamarind Chutney.

Southern India

Dosa tops the list in this region, followed closely by Ven Pongal and the famous and flavourful Hyderabadi Biryani.