Try Our Lip-Smacking South Indian Meal With Ghee Rice Malabar Paratha Raita Salad & Paniyaram Muttai Masala

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A delicious, South Indian Meal plate with Paniyaram Muttai Masala- a spicy curry with paniyarams made of beaten eggs, Malabar parotta, aromatic ghee rice, refreshing Pudina dhaniya raita and a healthy Raw Papaya Apple salad is a must try meal that you can serve on a lazy sunday afternoon to your family. 

Food from the Southern states of India are mostly synonymous with just idli, vada or dosa. South Indian Cuisine however is much more than just that. Lending authentic flavours to South Indian dishes are flavourful ingredients like curry leaves, coconut, tamarind that give out specific flavour notes.

South Indian Cuisine is so versatile, it is often considered to be only vegetarian, and if you haven’t been to South India, you must really make that trip to know how yummilicious South Indian non vegetarian tastes.

So wait no more, quickly dive into these recipes and get started in the kitchen.