Try The Achari Paneer & Pudina Laccha Paratha For A Weekend Dinner

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What more can one ask for than a fancy vegetarian meal of achari paneer served with pudina laccha paratha and some boondi raita by the side. Serve it as a weekend meal or at the next dinner party you host. 

A lip smacking gravy dish of protein packed, dairy rich paneer in a spicy achari gravy. Here the achaar masala is combined with tomato puree to make this tangy- spicy achari paneer. 

You could substitute the paneer with some mushrooms and baby corns if you wish and the non vegetarians can use chicken instead. 

The lachedar paratha, has lovely layers with hidden flavours of garlic and mint leaves, cooked in ghee that further enhances it's flavours. this whole wheat paratha can be flavoured with any herbs of your choice - like coriander leaves, or even spring onions. 

These parathas, don't just go well with sabzis like these but taste great with dals as well. The condiment here is a fresh raita made with boondis dunked in dahi with simple maslas. This meal will leave your family absolutely satisfied, leaving them licking their fingers.