Try This Lip Smacking Meal - Jowar Garlic Naan, Achari Aloo & Pudina Chutney

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This meal plate is an absolute burst of flavours, with a healthy Jowar Garlic Naan made of whole wheat, jowar and methi, paired with Achari Aloo, a spicy dry sabzi, served with a side of fresh Pudina Dahi Chutney, finished off with a sweet Mango lassi flavoured with saffron. 

A combination of various nutrients required by the body, is present here in this meal. Serve this delicious meal as lunch or dinner to your family or you could also pack this meal as a lunch box for both kids and adults. 

You can also serve some pickle along with this meal like Instant Gor Kairi Lonche Recipe - an instant sweet and sour raw mango pickle or Amla Achaar Recipe- a spicy and sweet gooseberry pickle.