Valentine Special Dinner Menu For Two!

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and though we believe that there is no particular day to express love, some days are still worth celebrating. We are sure you must be in dilemma of how you can do something for your loved one and make their day a lot more special.  

In our busy lives we fail to take out time for our loved one, and this can be a perfect opportunity for you to make it up to them. Instead of going the usual way and gifting them or taking them out for dinner, an intimate dinner at home could be very romantic too. This way you can also showcase your culinary skills, because they simply do not say 'The way to a mans' (we say even woman) heart is through his/her stomach'.

We want this to be a great evening for you, and hence we have put together some recipes that would be perfect for the occasion.

1. Drinks & Appetizers

Bruschetta is an easy and simple appetizer that can be prepared with minimal ingredients and also tastes absolutely delicious. You can serve this with a glass of Sangria or any other cocktail. You could try our featured recipe or try some other bruschetta recipes.

2. Main Course

A simple salad and pasta will suffice two individuals, and is also not too much of a task when it comes to cooking them. It can be cooked with ease and adequate efforts. Try our featured salad and pasta recipes, or you could choose from an array of different salad and pasta recipes as well.

3. Desserts 

Dessert doesn't go to the stomach, it goes to the heart, and rightly so! You can try our sinfully delicious featured Rich Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe or try some of our other cheesecake recipes.

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