46 Varieties Of Delicious And Appetizing Upma Recipes For Your Busy Morning

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Eating healthy breakfast is a mustas it gives us the energy until next meal, but we usually skip it or eat anything which is not healthy and filling. Most of us usually wake up early to make breakfast and pack lunch boxes for our family, but due to time constraints we try and shortcut for our own breakfast.  Making something healthy and substantial is possible with a little bit of planning, therefore we have come up with 46 varieties Upma recipes that are easy to make and will be loved by your family. The breakfast menu of upma and cups of steaming hot filter coffee is a common favourite in most of the South Indian homes.

Most of us, especially in South Indian Households, rice upma is very popular and is served with coconut chutney, tomato chutney or any other South Indian Chutney.

But here along with Rice upma recipes, we have upma recipes that are made of broken barley, ragi flour, jowar and other ingredients which are very nutritious and provides you energy for the day.

You can also have these upmas for dinner with your choice of chutney and raita for a light dinner. In these upmas, you can use your choice of vegetables from carrot, beans to capsicum.

These vegetables enhance the taste of these upmas and makes them more delicious and nutritious. So next time you want to make something different and healthy for your breakfast, don't forget to try these upma recipes.