Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn: Masala Sandwich, Carrot and Cucumber Salad & Boiled Eggs

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Packing a healthy Lunch box for your kid is always a difficult task for all mothers. At the same time demanding the dish to be tasty is even harder. Sandwich is the most safest way to pack inside a lunchbox for your kids because you can fill any kind of stuffing that the kids will enjoy. It is also easy for the children to gobble up during their lunch time and there would not be any mess created.  To ease your everyday worries on packing hot food, Archana's Kitchen has come up with a Healthy Lunch Box Plan that you can pack in Vaya Tyffyn carrier that will keep your food hot, exciting and delicious to eat as well. The dishes that we have chosen are simple and quick to be made in the morning hustle. 

We have put in a super easy Masala Sandwich that is filled with some spicy potato mixture along with some freshly chopped onions and tomatoes. The sandwich is toasted till it is golden brown and packed once it cools down as the sandwich might turn soggy if it is packed hot. This sandwich will taste better when it is serve cold as well. Then in order to up the nutrients content we have packed it along with some freshly tossed salad and boiled eggs. 

What it has : 

  1. Carbohydrates that will give enough energy for the kids
  2. Good amount of vitamins from the Salad 
  3. Proteins from the eggs.