Vietnamese Dinner: Chicken Curry, Rice Pockets & Lemongrass Shrimp Skewers

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 This Vietnamese meal will leave your tastebuds absolutely satisfied. Customised to suit the Indian palate, this meal of a Vietnamese style chicken curry served with caramelised onions and chili rice with a side of flavourful lemongrass prawn skewers. 

This warm meal can bring comfort when served during winters and monsoons for dinner or even a Sunday lunch like this sounds really good. 

The curry is flavoured with a freshly ground spice mix made using roasted whole spices and a base of coconut milk, while chicken is paired with potatoes and this curry is nothing short of a completely satisfying meal. 

The rice served with the vietnamese curry is packed with flavours, like sweet caramelised onions, and heat from the chillies. The rice is packed like parcels in banana leaves and steamed which leaves its lovely lush flavours in the rice. 

To make this meal absolutely complete is the lip smacking prawn skewer that gets its flavour essentially from the lemon grass on which the prawns are glued, like that of a lollipop.  

Pair this meal with a drink - Lavender Lemonade Cooler Recipe or even Pomegranate Mint Cocktail Recipe would go really well. 

Finish the meal with Vietnamese Pitaya & Calamansi Sorbet Recipe (Dragon Fruit & Small Lime Sorbet) 

Here you go !  Your Sunday afternoon with the family is already planned. 

Get to your kitchen and get started already.