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I am a vegetarian food blogger, Photographer and recipe developer of my blog #Cookingisfunn, where you can find all the veg recipes including desserts and cuisines all over the world. Cooking and baking are my strength :)!

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सूखे छोले रेसिपी - Sukhe Chole Recipe

Monday, 08 July 2019 08:00

सूखे छोले एक हाई प्रोटीन रेसिपी है जिसमे प्याज और लहसुन का प्रयोग नहीं किया जाता। इसमें अदरक का पेस्ट और रोज के मसलो ...

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मसाला डोसा रेसिपी लाल चटनी के साथ - Masala Dosa With Red Chutney Recipe

Thursday, 06 June 2019 09:00

डोसा एक प्रसिद्ध रेसिपी है जिसे दक्षिण भारत के हर घर में सुबह के नाश्ते के लिए बनाया जाता है. इसका बैटर बनाने के लिए इसमें ...

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दही वड़ा रेसिपी - Dahi Vada With Sweet & Spicy Chutney Recipe

Tuesday, 23 April 2019 10:00

दही वड़ा रेसिपी एक स्वादिष्ट और प्रसिद्ध रेसिपी है जिसे आप मीठी और तीखी चटनी के साथ परोस सकते है. इसे अक्सर त्यौहार या ...

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वेजिटेबल समोसा रेसिपी - Mixed Vegetable Samosa Recipe

Monday, 18 March 2019 10:00

समोसा, एक प्रसिद्ध रेसिपी है जिसे हर घर में ख़ास अवसर पर बनाया जाता है. यह स्ट्रीट फ़ूड के अवसर पर भी मनाया जाता है. अक्सर ...

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सूखे छोले रेसिपी - Dry Chole Recipe

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 08:00

सूखे छोले एक सरल रेसिपी है जिसमे प्याज और लहसुन का प्रयोग नहीं किया जाता। इसमें अदरक के पेस्ट और सूखे मसलो का प्रयोग ...

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कच्चे आम की लौंजी रेसिपी - Kacche Aam Ki Launji Recipe

Tuesday, 17 July 2018 17:09

कच्चे आम की लौंजी एक प्रसिद्ध डिश है जिसे राजस्थान के हर घर में बनाया जाता है. इसमें कलोंजी, सौंफ, मेथी के दाने का प्रयोग ...

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Eggless Coffee Souffle Recipe With Chocolate Sauce

Friday, 10 March 2017 00:19

Coffee Souffle Recipe With Chocolate Sauce is a puffed up and fluffy no-egg recipe from France. Once this pastry is baked and out from oven, the puffiness falls in 10 minutes or less, without affecting its taste, though! This Chocolate souffle is eggless and made without gelatin. A perfect dessert ...

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Bajra Ka Kheech Recipe

Monday, 27 February 2017 00:01

Bajra Ka Kheech is a typical Rajasthani dish, which is a very comforting meal wserved with a gravy dish, milk or kadhi. Its a healthy kheech and can be serve at anytime. Bajra is a very healthy and light millet too. Addition of vegetables makes this kheech more healthy and delicious. Serve Bajra Ka Kheech ...

Shimla Mirch Ki Launji Recipe

Thursday, 23 February 2017 00:15

This is a super tempting launji of capsicum cubes, and very easy and quick to make. It is flavoured with nigella seeds, fennel seeds, green chillies and common spice powders, which can be served immediately and also stored for a few days. Addition of jaggery makes this launji so delicious and healthy, ...

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Chana Jor Garam Chaat Recipe

Saturday, 29 October 2016 00:00

Chana Jor Garam Chaat is a mouthwatering Indian traditional snack made out of black gram. Something chatpata is always my favorite. And this recipe is bang on hit for anyone. It has a rather salty taste. The jor garam is made of fried and flattened black grams and chopped raw vegetables like onions, ...

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Mixed Vegetable Samosa Recipe

Saturday, 15 October 2016 00:18

A samosa is a fried or baked dish with a Savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions and other stuffing. The Mixed Vegetable Samosa Recipe contains Wheat flour or maida flour shell stuffed with veggies filling, with a mixture of mashed boiled potato, onions, green peas, spices and green chili. The ...

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Sukhe Chole Recipe - Dry Masala Chickpeas

Saturday, 08 October 2016 00:33

This Sukhe Chole is a simple high protein recipe without onion and garlic. It has some taste of ginger paste and some dry spices which we use in our everyday cooking. You can enjoy this Sukhe Chole with Puri or with Paratha. It is healthy and very easy to make. A High protein dish that gets ready in ...

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Makki Ki Baked Mathri Recipe (Baked Cornmeal Flaky Biscuit)

Friday, 30 September 2016 00:31

These Makki ki Mathri made from Corn meal are baked and are healthy. It tastes good instead of frying them. It is a healthy snack to enjoy with tea or with coffee. Serve Makki Ki Baked Mathri along with hot masala chai for your tea time break. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Tea time ...

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Sprouted Moong Dhokla Recipe

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 00:57

Sprouted Moong dhokla are full of energy and they are with No Onion and No Garlic and addition of Carrot makes these Dhokla more healthy tasty. Sattvik food is always freshly cooked and simple, juicy, It is light, nourishing, sweet and tasty. It increases the energy of the mind and produces cheerfulness, ...

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Dahi Vada With Sweet & Spicy Chutney Recipe

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 00:53

Dahi Vada With Sweet & Spicy Chutney Recipe is a very popular and all time favorite food, which is so delicious and mouthwatering. I am a die hard fan of Dahi Vada. All you need to make this gorgeous Dahi Vada is delicious sweet and little spicy Tamarind chutney, loads of beaten yogurt and some ...

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Cheese Balls With Capsicum Recipe

Friday, 15 July 2016 00:47

Cheese Balls are perfect snack to serve at tea time or  rainy season. They are made with lots of cheese, potato , green capsicum, green chilies, ginger garlic paste and other spices. You can make these cheese balls more spicy or less spicy to suit your taste. Addition of  vegetables enhances ...

Crostini With Peppers & Cheese Recipe

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 00:03

Crostini With Peppers & Cheese Recipe are the Italian appetizers consisting of small slices of grilled or toasted bread and toppings. In short, they are little cheesy toasts. The toppings may include a variety of cheese, and vegetables or even seafood, or may be presented more simply with a brush ...

Garlic Crust Vegetable Pizza Recipe

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 00:20

Cheesy and thin crust, Garlic Crust Vegetable Pizza is a heavenly Pizza which is filled with the goodness of vegetables and cheese. It has vegetables like yellow, green and red bell peppers, baby corns, onions, mushrooms and black olives. You can also add vegetables according to your taste and preference. ...

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Aloo Masala Puri Recipe

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 00:22

A perfect combination to enjoy this crispy, and delicious flavour of puffed Puris with any pickle or sabji. Aloo Masala Puri is a very popular Indian breakfast dish. They are more delicious when they are served hot, it's easy to make and they are tummy filling breakfast. Serve Aloo Masala Puri with ...

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Matar Mushroom Curry Recipe

Monday, 06 June 2016 00:29

Indian cuisine has a huge list of delicious curries, Matar Mushroom curry is also one of those recipes which are so tempting and delicious when it cooked in the gravy of onion, tomatoes and garlic. This Matar mushroom dry curry recipe is a special treat for any busy weekday with phulkas or tawa paratha ...

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Oreo Milkshake Recipe

Monday, 06 June 2016 00:06

Oreo milkshake is an easy and simple recipe to chill on a hot sunny day or to make a great tea party. There are so many beverages, milkshakes to cool down the summer heat; but this milkshake is placed on top of my wish list since it is chocolate; I mean very chocolaty. The dark chocolate colour makes ...

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Instant Carrot Pickle Recipe

Friday, 06 May 2016 00:38

Instant Carrot Pickle is a quick and easy to make recipe that you can make in no time. The tangy flavour with the carrots makes this recipe even more flavourful. Its an instant pickle so you can enjoy it for 3-4 days by refrigerating it. Serve Instant Carrot Pickle with Phulka, Whole wheat Lachha Paratha ...

Chana Dal Khichdi Recipe

Saturday, 30 April 2016 00:51

Chana Dal Khichdi is a light, healthy and delicious one pot meal which you can serve either for lunch or dinner. Chana Dal itself is a healthy dal as it contains good amount of protein and therefore it proves to be good for your health. It is a super easy recipe which can be made in no time. Serve Chana ...

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Moong Ki Khichdi Recipe

Thursday, 21 April 2016 00:16

Delicious and low calorie meal, enjoy this amazing combination of low calorie food in your lunch or in your dinner. To balance the quantity of fiber in our body, Whole Green Moong Khichdi is the perfect option with this delicious Palak Ki Kadhi. Kadhi is a spicy dish whose thick gravy is based on Gram ...

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