Plan A Fun Surprise Birthday Party For Your Office Friends With Fun Food & Simple Gifts

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Birthdays are special and more exciting when someone gives you a surprise. It's like a cherry on the cake. Many of us spend most of our time in office and we end up making some amazing friends. We go out to shop, eat and do a lot of fun things. And when it comes to celebrate their special day, it's time to do something special for them but it should be fun yet appropriate for an office environment.

In addition we are always tight on budgets. And did you know you can do a lot of things with a fix budget and make their day even more special?  We bring you some ideas which will help you to organise something small and special for your friends at office.

1 - Decorate their workspace

We do get many decorative items for birthday parties which are cheap and easily fits into our budget. From customised balloons to fancy colourful glasses, we can get these small things spectacles for our fun selfies and photos. You can surprise them by decorating their working space with small balloons.

2 - Gifts To Treasure

It is not necessary to gift something big, you can always gift something small and precious to make his/her birthday memorable. Like, a photo frame with a picture that you have taken with them, a mug with a selfie sticker and may be simple bake a special cake for them.

3 - Cake/Cupcakes

Of course, cakes are an most important part any birthday celebration. Surprise your friend with a flavoured cake or cupcakes, which they love the most. You can also get it customized to make the cake look more fun. Here are easy and delicious recipes that you can cook at home for a sweet treat in office

4 - Food/Snacks

We think Pizzas always works for a office party, as we don't need anything else to order with it. And the best part is everyone loves pizza. Isn't it? In addition a you can have a potluck party where each member of your team brings in something special. What can be better than home cooked delicious food. Here are some pizza and snack recipes which you can cook in your kitchen for homemade treats to your friends