We All Scream for Ice Cream - Have You Tried The One With Clove?

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There is a classic saying - ‘You can’t buy happiness, but you can always buy ice creams and that’s about the same thing’.

We totally agree with the above statement because who doesn’t like ice cream? Ice cream is one of those mouth watering and delicious treats that tops everyone’s food list and is enjoyed by almost everyone from kids to adults.

With our eclectic palates expanding there is an explosive range of flavors that we can choose from. From creamy textures, fresh fruit flavors and the most favorite coffee and chocolate - you can make it into a Sundae or make a slab of it on a stone with flavors from fruits and nuts and you have your own variety.

Some of the most exotic ice creams we have seen recently are ice creams made with avocado, mustard and chilies.

The ones that top our list of favorites are the spiced ice creams made from fresh spices like clove, cinnamon and star anise.

And today, the clove candy crunch ice cream has become the talk of the town. These ice creams have a delectable taste and they simply melt in the mouth. Serve them along with some waffles topped with some banana and they are sure to tingle your senses.

So if you are bored of the regular ice creams and want to try something equally delicious, Clove Candy Crunch Ice cream is your answer.

In our research, we found that as much as people love eating ice creams, there are many who suffer from sensitive teeth and find it hard to eat them when they want. But guess what, there is an answer for sensitive teeth too.

There is this toothpaste made with clove and hey it will match your favorite ice cream flavor too. Colgate Sensitive Clove toothpaste helps you enjoy your favorite flavor from Baskin Robbins without any fear of sensitivity.

So now don’t say no to your favorite ice cream, as this toothpaste along with helping you manage sensitivity also gives you a refreshing taste.

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