Weekend Brunch Menu To Fill You In On Millet Nutrition

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Millets are the small edible seeded grass wild variety being domesticated and made popular in recent times owing to its nutritional benefits. Initially grown commercially in China, India and African countries, now accepted globally with more research on its health benefits and an edge over most other major cereals. With ample protein, trace minerals and vitamins than many cereals, healthy and slow digesting carbs, millets like Bajra (pearl millet), Ragi (finger millet), foxtail millet, jowar (Sorghum) are a must include in our regular diet.

Russian, German and Chinese cuisines majorly includes millets in porridges, where India makes roti, bhakri and rotla which are majorly flatbreads. Millet porridges in China are made with beans, sweet potato or various squashes. Sweet variant of millet porridge in Germany and Russia is made with milk, apples or any fruits and honey or sugar in the end of cooking. Russia also has varietal savoury millet recipes to go with stews.

Having millets once or twice in a meal is not only healthy but is beneficial for our immunity and is bestowed with anti-ageing factors in long run. Why not try these yummy recipes from Weekend Brunch Menu to fill you in on nutrition of millets? Pamper your body with the nutrition that the millets offer to you with the choice of recipes handpicked for you and your family. You are sure to dig out more recipes of millets to include them in your food menu more often!


Bajri Methi Na Vada Recipe is a simple and delicious fritter made with Bajra (Pearl Millet) and Whole Wheat flour. Healthy Foxtail Millet Raw Mango & Vegetable Salad Recipe serves as a healthy appetizer. Vegetable Ragi Momo Recipe is the hot Finger Millet Dumplings or Dim Sum served with chilli sauce and roasted tomato sauce for a great choice of appetizer. Millet Cottage Cheese Fritters Recipe is Flavored with Zaatar and is yummiest to start you millet meal with.

Main course

The Pearl Millet Pancake Recipe along with Walnuts & Nutella can make a wholesome part of this weekend brunch. Methi Bajra Poori Recipe can be had by itself or teamed up with curry like aloo dum. Jolada Roti Recipe is the Jowar Bhakri which can be had with an assortment of chutney podi, jhunka or ennegai. Mixed Millet And Lentils Adai Recipe is healthy and filling for a brunch, and easy to make with prior preparation. Broken Wheat and Mixed Millet Upma Recipe is a nutritious bundle of various types of millets for much-appreciated upma recipe to start the day. Spicy Millet Casserole with Pumpkin and Feta is a healthy and satiating casserole recipe which is a creamy baked dish.


Beetroot Millet Paniyaram Recipe is a healthy and nutritious south Indian style dessert recipe made from beetroot, foxtail millet and oats. Foxtail Millet Kheer Recipe is a Millet Pudding with Saffron & Nuts that is had as dessert. Ragi Halwa Recipe is a Healthy Indian Sweet Made With Ragi, which has a cooling effect on the body too.