Weekend Dinner Idea: Malvani Fish Curry, Konkani Style Pomfret fry & Sol kadhi

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Here is a delicious lunch meal plate that you can prepare for your Sunday meal. We have plated for you a Malvani Fish curry, Konkani Style Pomfret fry, steamed rice & Sol kadhi by the side. This meal is best had on your weekends when you have the mood to get into the kitchen and cook some amazing dishes for your family members. 

Malvani Fish curry is a take on the authentic recipe from the malvani cuisine. It is region that is a famous for its sea food because of the proximity to the oceans. The cuisine has got influence from both maharashtra and goa. In this curry we have prepared our malvani masala from scratch and added into the curry. We have used seer fish in this curry which gives in rich and delicious flavour. You can use other fish as well like catla, mackerel and sardines. 

The fish curry is paired with a Konkani style pomfret fry. The fish is marinated with a freshly ground ingredients and then pan fried on a flat skillet till it is charred well and cooked. Fish is a great way to add in protein into your diet. We have not deep fried the fish but kept it healthy by pan frying them with less oil. 

The fish curry is best served with a plain steamed rice but you can also include other sides like red rice, matta rice or brown rice. Then a simple and refreshing drink is served by the side.