Weekly Meal Plan - Akuri, Jowar Thepla, Bhel Puri, Quesadillas, Kofta & More

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This weeks Weekly Meal Plan that has some easy to make and everyday recipes for your meal from delicious meal across various indian cuisines from Akuri, Jowar Thepla, Bhel Puri, Quesadillas, Paneer Kofta, Yogurt Mousse & More

Some tips you can follow for when cooking a healthy meal

  1. Plan and shop the exact ingredients you need for every week.
  2. Stock the staples in the pantry & refrigerator
  3. Prep for the week from making paratha dough, peeled garlic, tomato puree, etc
  4. And finally ensure you eat in small portions and eat slow and eat right.

Swipe through and get to see the meal plan menu for each day from monday to sunday !

Breakfast - Akuri, Jowar Thepla & Kesar Chai

Here is wholesome breakfast with Parsi style scrambled eggs which you can serve along with  jowar thepla and kesar chai for a wholesome breakfast. You can even serve it along with toasted pav instead of thepla if you like.

Lunch - Veg Kurma, Neer Dosa & Beetroot Butter Milk

For lunch today , make this Veg Kurma which has no onion no garlic and makes it light and refreshing. Serve it along with Neer dosa or just plain phulka or hot steamed rice along with some beetroot buttermilk. 

Dinner - Matar Ki Tehri & Mooli Raita

You can make your dinner light with this delicious Matar ki Tehri which is a version of Pulao from UP. Serve it along with a mooli raita and papad for a simple & quick weeknight dinner. 

Breakfast - Zucchini Paratha, Chewdo & Chai

Adding vegetables to your paratha, makes it nutritious & delicious too. Try this zucchini paratha and serve it along with some chevdo & chai for breakfast.

Lunch - Parwal Masala, Ragi Phulka, Carrot Raita

A meal combined with Parwal Masala, Ragi Phulka, Carrot Raita brings in colors to your plate - along with not just nutrition but great taste too. Try this meal combination for lunch and you will simply love it.

Dinner - Tofu Bhurji & Toasted Pav Bun

Keep your dinner simple & packed with proteins. Make this tofu bhurji and serve it along with pav buns for a wholesome dinner. 

Breakfast - Choco Banana Smoothie Bowl & Fried Eggs

These smoothie bowls are absolutely filling, wholesome and delicious. It will keep you going through the day. I always like t serve it along with some fried eggs to give my breakfast that savory touch. 

Lunch - Snake Gourd Kootu, Phulka & Pachadi

A meal that is packed with vegetables, proteins, fibre and good fats makes it nourishing for our mind and body. Snake Gourd Kootu, Phulka & Pachadi is just that will keep you satiated for the day.

Dinner - Matki Khichdi & Maharashtrian Kadhi

Here is a wholesome and yet simple dinner of Matki Khichdi & Maharashtrian Kadhi perfect with cold evening nights.

Breakfast - Tomato Upma, Coriander Coconut Chutney & Filter Coffee

Dinner - Mushroom Corn Masala Dosa & Raw Mango Chutney

This evening, try this Mushroom Corn Masala Dosa and serve it along with Raw Mango Chutney for a quick dinner. You can use any dosa batter of your choice to make this dish.