Weekly Meal Plan - Gajar Halwa, Onion Kulcha, Jodhpuri Aloo And Much More

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We are back with our new Weekly Meal Plan which includes some mouthwatering recipes such as Jodhpuri Aloo, Gajar Ka Halwa, Maharashtrian Kanda Poha, Onion Stuffed Kulcha, Boondi Raita, Beetroot Sambar, Corn And Peas Curry, Horse Gram Idli, Corn And Peas Curry, Suran Ja Tuk, Onion Rava Dosa, Whole Wheat Vegetable Chilla, Matar Mushroom Curry, Cold Coffee, Amritsari Chole, Chana Pulao, Bihari Style Kadhi Bari, Spicy And Tangy Bread Upma, Matar Ajwain Ki Puri and much more.

We have also planned a delicious Asian Meal for your Saturday Dinner which has recipes like Singapore Style Chicken Layered Fried Rice, Vegetarian Thai Green Curry, Thai Jasmine Sticky Rice, Tofu Peanut Stir Fry and Thai Style Curried Corn Fritters. Serve a Chinese Darsaan Recipe With Ice Cream as a dessert at the end to complete the meal.

Some tips you can follow for this Week's Meal Plan:

  1. Make Chutneys beforehand and store in the fridge. The days of storage depends on what chutney you make.
  2. Make some healthy snacks like Roasted Makhana, Energy Bars and store them, as you can munch on them while you are hungry in between the meals.
  3. Try and include Raita and Salads in your meals, to make it more nutritious and filling.
  4. Eat in small portions and make sure you have different food on your plate, it helps you to maintain your weight and keeps you healthy.

Swipe through and get to see the meal plan menu for each day from monday to sunday !

Breakfast - Sandwich and Chai

Fresh Green Peas are available in market during the winters, so if you can make this sandwich and enjoy it with a cup of Adrak Chai. You can also use frozen Green Peas to make this sandwich.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi and Paratha

Punjabi Sabut Moong Dal is a delicious Dal which is simple to make and gets ready in no time. Serve it along with Amla Methi Sukhi Sabzi and Tawa Paratha.

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha

Paneer is a great source of protein, therefore it is great to include it in your everyday meals and this is a great way to feed some protein to your kids. Serve it along with Pudina Dhaniya Raita and Green Chilli Pickle.

Breakfast - Poha and Chai

If you are bored of your regular Poha, then you must try this Maharashtrian Kanda Poha which has lots of onions which gives it more flavour and crunch. Serve it along with Masala Chai.

Lunch - Sambar, Thoran, Rice and Vadam

A delicious Sambar that has all the nutrition from Beetroot. Serve this Sambar along with Thoran, Steamed Rice and Elai Vadam.

Dinner - Curry, Yogurt and Lachha Paratha

If you like corn, you should definitely try this Curry which has Corn with green peas. Serve it along with Curd and Lachha Paratha.

Breakfast - Idli, Sambar and Chutney

Horsegram is rich in proteins and therefore its good to include it in our everyday meals. Therefore make these Horsegram Idlis and serve it along with Coconut Chutney and Thakkali Vengaya Sambar. A filter Coffee will be a good addition to this meal.

Lunch - Sindhi Meal

Sindhi Sai Bhaji is a dish which is full of Vegetables and Dals, therefore it is rich in protein, iron and other nutrients. Serve it along with Suran Ja Tuk, Dill Cucumber Raita and Sindhi Koki.

Dinner - Dosa, Sambar and Chutney

Add some onions to your Rava Dosa for that extra crunch and serve it along with Mixed Vegetable Sambar and Mysore Chutney.

Breakfast - Cheela, Chutney and Coffee

A whole wheat vegetable cheela is a great meal for your breakfast. You can include vegetables of your choice to make this Cheela. Serve it along with Green Chutney and Cold Coffee.

Lunch - Curry, Raita, Phulka and Salad

A delicious combination of Matar and Mushroom which is included in a curry. Serve this Curry along with Tomato Onion Tadka Raita, Phulka and Salad.

Dinner - Pulao and Raita

Add some protein and deliciousness to your meal with this Chana Pulao and serve it along with Spring Onion Peanut Raita. A simple meal that is easy to make and is loved by everyone.

Breakfast - Eggs, Toast and Coffee

Include spinach and mushroom in your eggs and make it more healthy and delicious. Serve it along with Bread Toast and Espresso Coffee.

Lunch - Pulav, Raita and Papad

Beans and Carrot Pulav is a great option for your busy weekdays. You can also pack it in your Lunch Box. Serve it along with Curry Leaf Raita and Papad.

Dinner - Chole Kulcha and Raita

Chole Kulcha, a great combination which is very popular in North India and is also sold on the streets of Punjab and Delhi. Well, you can make it at home and enjoy it with your family. make this Chola Kulcha and serve it along with Boondi Raita and Pudina Pyaz Kachumber Salad. 

Breakfast - Aloo, Puri and Halwa

Make your Saturday better with this Jodhpuri Aloo and Matar Ajwain Ki Puri along with Boondi Raita. To make it even better, serve this Gajar Ka Halwa. You can make this meal for your weekend brunch too.

Lunch - Kadhi, Sabzi, Roti and Salad

A delicious Kadhi which is made in every Bihari household. Serve it along with Khatti Meethi Tindora Sabzi and Jowar Atta Roti. You can also serve Satvik Carrots Sprout Salad for extra nutrition.

Dinner - Asian Meal

For the non vegetarians, we have a Singapore Style Chicken Layered Fried Rice that is a one dish meal. For vegetarians, we have Thai Green Curry, which you can serve along with Steamed Rice or Jasmine Rice.

Along with this meal we have two side dishes, Tofu Peanut Stir Fry and Thai Styled Curried Corn Fritters and Chinese Darsaan with Ice Cream for dessert.

Breakfast - Upma and Juice

Keep your Sunday breakfast simple with this yummy Bread Upma. It is a great way to make use of your leftover bread. Serve it along with Apple, Kiwi and Pineapple Juice.

Lunch - Chicken, Dosa and Podi

For Sunday Lunch, You can make this Gongura Chicken Curry along with Ghee Roast Dosa and Thengai Milagai Podi. For vegetarians, we have Paneer gassi which tastes equally delicious along with the Dosa. You can also serve Kopparai Thengai Milagai Podi as a side dish to eat with Dosa.

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha

Broccoli, a great source of Vitamin K and C, is finely grated and sauteed with some masalas. This Masala is stuffed into the Parathas and served along with Corn Onion Raita and Lemon Pickle.