Weekly Meal Plan - Kale Chane Ki Kadhi, Methi Malai Matar And Much More

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We are back with our new Weekly Meal Plan that has some easy to make and everyday recipes for your meal. This Weekly Meal Plan has recipes such as Kale Chane Ki Kadhi, Jeera Rice, Methi Malai Matar, Stuffed Mooli Paneer Paratha, Lahsuni Dal Tadka, One Pot Punjabi Rajma Masala, Arbi Shimla Mirch Sabzi, Rava Upma, Tofu and Capsicum Paratha, South Indian One Pot Sambar Rice, Baby Corn And Paneer Kathi Roll, Chana Dal Kichdi, Potato Onion Cheela and much more.

For your Saturday Dinner, we have planned a mouthwatering Italian Meal which has some lip smacking recipes such as Peri Peri Potato Wedges, Chicken Pizza With Caramelised Red Onion and Tandoori Paneer Tikka Skillet Pizza. Serve Eggless Choco Lava Cake as a dessert at the end to complete the meal.

Some tips you can follow for this Week's Meal Plan:

  1. You can also peel the Garlic cloves and store it an airtight container for a week.
  2. Eat in small portions and make sure you have different food on your plate, it helps you to maintain your weight and keeps you healthy.
  3. You can keep the Phulka and Paratha dough ready in the fridge the night before for the next day.

Swipe through and get to see the meal plan menu for each day from monday to sunday !

Breakfast - Idli and Chutney

This is a very simple breakfast to whip up in the morning. You can make the Podi in the morning and store it in the fridge for about a month. You can also prepare the Idli batter and store it for 4 to 5 days. So in the morning you just have to make Idlis and mix it with the Podi. Serve it with Chutney and Coffee.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi and Phulka

Make this delicious Dal which has a Garlic tadka over it. Serve it along with Carrot Cauliflower Sabzi and Mixed Millet Phulka. Also serve Aamras, as it is mango season and is perfect for summers. 

Dinner - Rajma Chawal

One of the most favourite combinations from North India, Rajma Chawal is everyones favourite. Make it for your weeknight dinner and serve it along with Pudina Pyaz Kachumber Salad.

Breakfast - Eggs, Toast and Smoothie

A delicious Parsi breakfast which is filled with proteins. Serve The Scrambled Eggs with Bread toast and a healthy Coffee Banana Oats Smoothie.

Lunch - Gravy, Paratha and Aamras

Methi Malai Matar, a rich gravy that has the goodness of methi in it. Serve it along with Tawa Paratha. Also serve Aamras, as it is mango season and is perfect for summers.

Dinner - Biryani and Raita

Looking for an easy one pot meal that is filled with vegetables, then give this Chettinad Vegetable Biryani a try. Serve it along with Burani Raita and Papad.

Breakfast - Upma and Chai

Filled with the goodness of Peanuts, Peas and Corn, this Upma is perfect for your everyday breakfast. Serve it along with Masala Chai.

Lunch - Kadhi, Sabzi And Phulka

Simple and satisfying, this meal is very easy to make and will satisfy your cravings for a nice meal.

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha

Tofu and Capsicum is finely chopped and cooked with some masala, then stuffed into these yummy Parathas. Serve it along with Boondi Raita and Green Chilli Pickle. 

Breakfast - Cheela, Chutney and Chai

Potato and Onion is a great combination and also a great way to give a twist to our regular cheela. Serve it along with Green Chutney and Adrak Chai.

Lunch - Sambar Rice and vadam

Make this one pot South Indian meal for your everyday meals that will make your cooking easy. Serve this Sambar Rice along with Elai Vadam which is a South Indian papad.

Dinner - Soup and Rolls

Make these Kathi Rolls for your dinner which even your kids will love. We have a Baby Corn and Paneer Kathi Roll for vegetarians and Chicken Kathi Roll for non vegetarians. Serve Mushroom and Broccoli Soup along with these rolls.

Breakfast - Paratha and Chutney

Mooli is a great vegetable to eat in Summers, so you can make these Stuffed Parathas for your morning breakfast. Serve it along with Chutney and Chai.

Lunch - Curry, Raita and Parotta

If you are bored of your regular Potato Cauliflower Curry, then make this curry which has a peanut based gravy. Serve it along with Carrot Tadka Raita and Malabar Parotta.

Dinner - Kadhi Khichdi

A comforting and satisfying dinner is all you want for your weeknight dinner. Therefore make these Kadhi Khichdi combination and serve it along with Kachumber Salad and Papad.

Breakfast - Pancakes and Coffee

Oat Banana Pancakes, a simple and healthy recipe that will be liked by everyone in the family. Serve it along with Espresso Coffee.

Lunch - Sindhi Meal

Filled with the goodness of Vegetables and Dals, give this Sindhi Sai Bhaji a try. Serve it along with Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita and Sindhi Koki.

Dinner - Pizza Meal

Make this Pizza meal for your Saturday night dinner and enjoy it along with your friends and family. For starters serve these Potato Wedges along with Red Wine Sangria.

Breakfast - South Indian Breakfast

A delicious breakfast is all you need for a better weekend. Make this delicious South Indian meal for breakfast and serve it along with Filter Coffee. 

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha

If you love cheese, make these stuffed Cheese Parathas which is mixed with some spring onions which gives a crunch to this Paratha. Serve it along with Tadka Raita and Chutney.