Weekly Meal Plan: Methi Moong Dal, Sambar Rice, Madras Lamb Curry And Much More

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Here's our wholesome Weekly meal plan for this week which includes delicious recipes like Methi Moong Dal, One Pot Sambar Rice, Madras Lamb Curry, Masala Chai, Gujarati Dal, Apple Vanilla Whole Wheat Pancakes, Hare Tamatar Ki Sabzi, Bhindi Masala Gravy, Punjabi Kadhi Pakora, Veggie Rava Idli and much more. 

We also have a special Saturday Special Dinner which is a delicious Continental meal. This meal includes Chicken In Lemon Butter Sauce, Herbed Butter Rice Recipe With Rosemary And Thyme and Watermelon, Chena, Cucumber With Soy Dressing. To end the meal on a delicious note, you can try this healthy dessert, Spiced Apple Crumble Recipe With Greek Yogurt which will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Some tips you can follow for this weeks meal plan:

  • Include raita and curd in your meals to make it more nutritious and healthy.
  • If you are making Aamras, make sure you cut the fresh mangoes as it will enhance the taste of it
  • For the basic masalas such as garlic ginger paste, tomato puree and onion paste, you can make it in advance and store it in an air tight contianer.
  • Shop your grocerries for the week, so that it becomes easy when all are ingredients are available in your kitchen.
  • For Kofta Curries, you can make koftas using your favourite vegetable and add it into the curry.

Swipe through and get to see the meal plan menu for each day from monday to sunday !

Breakfast - Bread Toast and Adrak Chai

Delicious and easy to make, start your wee with this delicious Besan Bread Toast and serve it with Adrak Chai.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi and Paratha

Simple and comforting, try this meal of Pumpkin Dal, Bhindi With Cashews and Tawa Paratha. To add that extra taste, we have added Aamras to this meal.

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha

Filled with delicious veg stuffing, you can try this Veg Mughlai paratha. Serve it with green chutney and tadka raita.

Breakfast - Stuffed Paratha

Aloo Parathas are everyones favourite, but have you ever tried this tasty Pyaz Ka Paratha. Serve it with Boondi Raita for a wholesome breakfast.

Lunch - South Indian Lunch

Simple and satisfying, this South Indian meal is as comforting as it sounds. To end the meal, serve a Curry Leaves Buttermilk which will refresh you this summer.

Dinner - Pav Bhaji

Treat Your family mid week with this delicious Hariyali Pav Bhaji which is a healthier version due to the addition of Palak.

Breakfast - Upma and Coffee

Give your usual Poha a twist and try this delicious Tamil Nadu Style Aval Upma with a coriander flavour. Serve it with Filter Coffee.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi, Phulka and Salad

Add a twist to your usual moong dal by adding methi and serve it with Turai Aloo Ki Sabzi and Jowar Atta Roti.

Dinner - Curry, Raita and Phulka

A delicious Baby Corn sabzi which will surely lighten up your weekday. Serve it with Raita and Phulka.

Breakfast - Sandwich and Juice

Combine your omelette and bread and make this delicious Indian Style Masala Omelette Sandwich. Enjoy it with a glass of fresh juice.

Lunch - Gravy, Raita and Phulka

A delicious Bhindi Masala Gravy which is a perfect recipe for your weekdays. Serve t with Raita and Phulka.

Dinner - Sambar Rice

This One pot Sambar Rice is a perfect recipe for days when you want to make something easy yet delicious.

Breakfast - Vermicelli and Chai

Easy to make and liked by everyone, do give this vermicelli biryani a try and serve it with masala chai.

Lunch - Kadhi Chawal

Delicious crispy pakoras dunked in a delicious spicy Kadhi, served with Jeera Rice and Papad.

Dinner - Sabzi, Paratha and Raita

A delicious Tamil Nadu Paneer Kurma which tastes great with flaky Lachha Paratha. Serve it with Onion Raita.

Breakfast - South Indian Breakfast

Make this healthy Rava Idli filled with the nutrients from vegetables. Serve it with Sambar and Chutney.

Lunch - Curry, Raita and Phulka

This is a delicious Kofta Curry which will surely satisfy your taste buds. Serve it with Palak Raita, Phulka and Salad.

Dinner - Continental Dinner

This Saturda treat your family with this delicious Continental meal. Serve it along with fresh salad and a dessert to end the meal.

Breakfast - Pancakes and Coffee

Surprise your family with these delicious Pancake treats and serve it with Fruits and Espresso Coffee.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi and Phulka

With a hint of sweet, make this delicious Gujarati Dal and serve it along with Hare Tamatar Ki Sabzi and Phulka.

Dinner - Non Vegetarian Dinner

Do give this Madras Lamb Curry a try and we are sure you will make it again and gain. Serve it with Ghee Rice and Phulka. For vegetarains, we have given an option of malvani Kala Chana Masala.