Weekly Meal Plan (No Onion No Garlic)

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We often find it difficult to plan our meals for the entire week. Planning the entire week before hand helps us to make our food faster and also helps with our busy mornings when we have to make breakfast and pack lunch box for work or school. We have our series of Weekly Meal plans which includes every cuisine, from national to international. But many people want the plans which does not include specific things or need plans which follows specific diet. Therefore, this time we have come up with 'No Onion No Garlic' Meal plan which includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner recipes without use of onion and garlic. 

Breakfast - Idli with Chutney

Simple and filling, Idli is served with chana dal chutney.

Lunch - Gatta Curry With Khooba Roti

Rajasthani curry to spice up your weekday.

Breakfast - Dhokla with a twist.

Healthy and delicious, serve this dhokla with chutney of your choice.

Lunch - Amrood Curry with Sweet Potato Sabzi and Flatbread

Have this Parsi Style Curry with Simple herbed potatoes and pair it with Sweet Potato roti.

Breakfast - Delicious Sandwich.

Tasty and filled with the goodness of fruits.

Lunch - Black Eyed Beans Curry with Paratha.

Black eyed beans curry is served with simple paratha and pudina chutney on the side to flavour up the meal.

Breakfast - Savoury Waffles

Give yourself a treat on Sunday Mornings with these tasty waffles.

Lunch - Curry with Poriyal and Phulka

Simple to make and delicious to eat, this meal is perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon.

Dinner - Pulao With Raita

Perfect for the days when you want to eat some light, delicious and healthy.