Weekly Meal Plan : Onion Thepla, Egg Mayo Sandwich And Much More

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Here's our Wholesome Weekly Meal Plan for this week which includes some yummy recipes like Onion Thepla, Jeera Aloo, Ajwain Puri, Pyaz Ka Paratha, Methi Paneer Bhurji, Punjabi Rajma Masala, Moong Sprouts Pulao, Pumpkin Dal With Garlic Tadka and much more. 

We also have a special Saturday Special Dinner which is a mouth watering Italian meal followed by a delicious dessert. This meal includes Chilli Cheese Toast, Tagliatelle Pasta Recipe With Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce, Summer Lettuce Salad and Old Fashioned Bread Pudding for desserts.

Some tips you can follow for this weeks meal plan:

  • Shop your groceries in advance so that all the ingredients are handy while you are cooking.
  • You can also add Phulka, Parathas and other accompaniments with the sabzi and dal.
  • Make sure you see the next day's plan earlier and keep the things ready, like soaking of dal, sprouting of moong etc.

Swipe through and get to see the meal plan menu for each day from monday to sunday !

Breakfast - Upma and Coffee

What can be better than starting your day with Upma and Coffee? So make this Karnataka Style upma and serve it along with South Indian Filter Coffee.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi and Paratha

A mangalorean meal which will brighten up your weekday. It includes a mangalorean style dal, sabzi along with Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha.

Dinner - Dosa, Sambar and Chutney

Rava Dosa, a tasty Dosa which is perfect for your weekday hunger pangs. Serve it along with Mixed Vegetable Sambar and Coconut Chutney.

Breakfast - Vermicelli and Chai

Bored of your regular Vermicelli Upma? Then try this delicious Cheetinad Style Tomato flavoured vermicelli and serve it along with Masala Chai.

Lunch - Bhurji, Raita and Phulka

Spice up your weekday with this delicious Methi Paneer Bhurji along with Carrot Raita and Phulka. 

Dinner - Pulao and Raita

Simple and easy to make, try this Moong Sprouts Pulao for your weekday dinner along with Raita and a papad.

Breakfast - Stuffed Paratha

Stuff onions in your paratha and serve it for your breakfast. We are sure your family will love every bit of it. Serve it with Raita and Aam Ka Achaar.

Dinner - Rajma Chawal and Salad

Who doesnt love Rajma Chawal? Therefore, we have a delicious Punjabi Rajma Masala for you which you can have with Jeera Rice. 

Breakfast - Sandwich and Coffee

Make this high protein Sandwich for your breakfast and serve it along with Espresso coffee. 

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi, Phulka and Salad

Try out this delicious Pumpkin Dal with a Garlic tadka and serve it along with Gawar Phali Masala Sabzi, Ragi Wheat Phulka and Salad.

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha and Raita

Start your weekend with this delicious Keema paratha which is filled with spicy minced chicken mixture. For vegetarians, we have given an option of Mooli Paneer paratha which is equally tasty. Serve it along with Burani Raita and Salad on the side. 

Lunch - Kadhi, Sabzi and Phulka

Taste the flavour of Rajasthan with this delicious Jaisalmer Kala Chana Kadhi. Serve it with Turai Baingan Ki Sabzi and Phulka.

Dinner - Italian Dinner

Saturdays are best to have a delicious meal with your family watching your favourite movie. That is why, we bring you this delicious Italian meal which includes a Pasta, Bread Pizza, Salad along with a delicious Pudding for dessert. 

Breakfast - Pancake and Coffee

Healthy and very easy to make, try these yummy Oats Banana pancakes and enjoy them with a cup of hot coffee latte.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi and Roti

Simple and comforting, make this meal which includes a Palak Chana Dal, Kurkure Sabzi and Jowar Atta Roti.

Dinner - Pulao and Raita

Here's a delicious Baby Potato Pulao which will loved by everyoen in your family, from kids to adults. Serve it with Raita and Masala Khichia.