Weekly Meal Plan : Palak Mushroom, Chilli Paneer Momo And Much More

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We are back with our delicious and inviting Wholesome Weekly Meal Plan which has some deliicous recipes that you wont be able to resist. Some of the recipe that you will find in this plan are Palak Mushroom, Muttai Dosa, Red Chilli Coconut Chutney, Sambar Rice, Pumpkin Thoran, Carrot Matar Paratha, Capsicum Curry, Onion Raita, Smoked Dhaba Dal and much more.

For our weekend delight, we have a special Indo Chinese meal planned which has recipes like Chilli Paneer Momo, Ginger Garlic Chicken, Mushroom Manchurian Gravy and Burnt Garlic Mushroom Fried Rice. For the dessert with this meal, you can have this mouth watering, Chocolate And Salted Caramel Tart.

Some tips you can follow for this weeks meal plan:

  • You can make chutneys and pickles before hand and store in the fridge. While Pickles stay for longer, you can keep the chutney for 2-3 days.
  • Store the groceries beforehand for the week so that it is easy to make recipes during the week.
  • Eat in portions, this helps you in loose weight and keeps you healthy.

Swipe through and get to see the meal plan menu for each day from monday to sunday !

Breakfast - Sandwich and Coffee

Kick off your monday with this easy pheasy Masala Omelette Sandwich and enjoy it with a cup of Hot Coffee Latte. 

Lunch - Kadhi, Sabzi and Phulka

Simple and Comforting, this sweet and spicy Gujarati kadhi is all you need for an afternoon lunch. serve it along with Patta Gobhi Ki Sabzi and Phulka.

Dinner - Dosa, Sambar and Chutney

Craving for something simple and spicy? Then give this Andhra Style Erra Kaaram Dosa and serve it with Tomato Onion Sambar and Coconut Chutney.

Breakfast - Dosa, Chutney and Filter Coffee

Are eggs and Dosa your favourite for breakfast, then do give this delicious combination a try which is called as Muttai Dosa. Serve it along with Coconut Chutney and Filter Coffee. 

Lunch - Curry, Raita and Phulka

Love Palak Paneer? Then you will absolutely love this Palak Mushroom too! Serve it with Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita and Phulka.

Dinner - Pav Bhaji And Salad

Surprise your family mid week with this delicious Homemade Pav Bhaji. To make it more nutritious, serve this protein packet Chatpata Rajma Salad with it.

Breakfast - Semiya And Chai

Give your usual semiya a twist and add the freshness of coriander to it. This South Indian Breakfast dish tastes great with a cup of hot Masala Chai.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi and Phulka

A healthy meal is what you need for a busy weekday and this meal of Masoor Dal, Bharwa Parwal and Phulka is perfect for it. To add more nutrition to your meal, we have also added a Kachumber Salad.

Dinner - Pulao, Raita and Papad

Mumbai Style Tawa Pulao, a delicious Street food from Mumbai which will surely satisfy your taste buds. The best part about it is it is easy to make and takes very few ingredients. Serve it with a Boondi Raita and Papad.

Breakfast - Toast and Juice

Its monsoon and what can be better than hot hot Besan Bread Toast for breakfast. Serve it along with Apple, Kiwi, Pineapple Juice.

Lunch - South Indian Meal

Having a busy day and want to have something spicy and tasty for Lunch. Make this One Pot Sambar Rice along with Pumpkin Thoran and Elai Vadam.

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha

Make this delicious Carrot and Matar stuffing and stuff it in your parathas. Serve it along with Raita and Chutney.

Breakfast - Upma and Smoothie

Healthy and easy to make, Foxtail Millet Upma is everything you need for your weekday breakfast. Serve it with a delicious Cold Coffee Smoothie.

Lunch - Curry, Paratha and Salad

A simple and delicious Capsicum Curry which takes very less time to cook and tastes delicious. Serve it along with Tawa Paratha and Carrot Salad for the extra nutrition.

Dinner - Biryani, Curd and Salad

Filled with the goodness of vegetables, this Vegetable Handi Biryani is healthy and delicious. Serve it with Curd and a delicious Maharashtrian Salad, Khamang Kakdi.

Breakfast - Stuffed Paratha

A delicious Stuffed Paratha which you can make for your weekend breakfast. Make this spicy masala with cauliflower and methi and stuff it in your parathas. Serve it with Raita and Achaar.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi and Paratha

Saturday Lunch should be something interesting! There fore try this Smoked Dhaba Dal which has different flavours from your regular dal. Paired with Paneer Butter Masala, which is everyone's favourite and Lachha Paratha.

Dinner - Indo Chinese Meal

Saturday Night dinner should be something special! Therefore try this Indo Chinese meal which includes Manchurian, Momos and Rice. For non vegetarians, we have a different option, Ginger Garlic Chicken. End the meal on a sweet note with this mouth watering, Chocolate And Salted Caramel Tart.

Breakfast - Upma and Chai

We always use Murmura to make Bhel, but have you ever tried Upma with it. If no, do give this Rayalseema Style Borugula Upma a try and pair it up with Adrak Chai.

Lunch - Rajasthani Lunch

If you like Dal baati, you will live this Rajasthani dish which is called as Dal Muthiya. It is best had with Mirchi Lahsun Ka Chunda, Pudina Pyaz Kachumber and Masala Chaas.

Dinner - Curry, Parotta and Raita

If you are a non vegetarian, this Kori Gassi, which is a Mangalorean speciality will surely satisfy your taste buds. This Paneer Gassi is qually delicious. Serve it along with Parotta, Jeera Rice and Raita. To end the meal on a delicious note, do try this Besan Halwa too.