Weekly Meal Plan: Mumbai Style Tawa Pulao, Oats and Mango Parfait, Pav Bhaji & More

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This week, the Weekly Meal Planning has recipes and menu ideas from Oats and Mango Parfait, Chana Methi Dal, Mumbai Style Tawa Pulao and more. I hope you find this meal plan useful and let us know how you managed your week. Most of these recipes serve 4 to 5 people — we are a family of 2 adults, 2 pre teen boys and a house help. And with all the cooking, we very rarely have leftovers. If you have a larger family, you might want to consider making a larger quantity or if you have a smaller family then you can half it.

Breakfast - Quick Breakfast

Poha is a quick and easy breakfast to make.

Dinner - Curry and Tawa Paratha

Paneer makhani is a delicious curry that is served along with tawa paratha.

Breakfast - Upma and Coffee

Oats upma is a healthy meal to start your day with strong coffee.

Breakfast - Healthy Breakfast

Wheat dosa is a delicious breakfast that can be had with chutney.

Lunch - Subzi and Phulka

Lunch meal can be as simple with Subzi, phulka and end it with curd rice.

Dinner - Burger and Coleslaw

Vegetable burger will be a light meal to finish off your dinner.

Breakfast - French toast and Juice

French toast will always lift up your mood in the morning.

Dinner - Comforting Dinner

Risotto for dinner is a nice way to end your day.

Breakfast - Saturday Special

Masala Dosa is loved by everyone and it is the best way to start your saturday.

Lunch - Biryani special

Thalassery biriyani is a flavour packed rice preparation made with chicken.

Dinner - Mexican Meal

Keep it simple with mexican meal for your dinner.

Lunch - Sunday Lunch

Try something new with a Tawa Pulao and raita.

Dinner - One Pot Meal

One pot meals are always easy to make and turns out delicious too.