Weekly Meal Plan: Non Fried Kofta, American Chopsuey, Semiya Upma & More

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This weeks recipes of Weekly Meal Planning for the summers is here.I hope you find this meal plan useful and let us know how you managed your week. Most of these recipes serve 4 to 5 people — we are a family of 2 adults, 2 pre teen boys and a house help. And with all the cooking, we very rarely have leftovers. If you have a larger family, you might want to consider making a larger quantity or if you have a smaller family then you can half it.

Breakfast - Omelette and Toast

A high protein omelette with bread toast and fresh fruits.

Lunch - Bengali Lunch Meal

A tasty curry made with Potato and ridge gourd in poppy seed curry and served along with rice.

Dinner - One dish Meal

All time favourite Pav Bhaji for dinner will fill you up.

Breakfast - South Indian Breakfast

Try both sweet and savoury vermicelli for your morning breakfast.

Dinner - Healthy Dinner

A creamy kofta curry with layered lachha paratha.

Breakfast - Stuffed Paratha

Radish stuffed Paratha is really a healthy way to start your day.

Lunch - Karnataka Style Lunch

Steaming hot bisi bele bath served with boondi raita is the best lunch to have.

Dinner - Wholesome Lunch

Stuffed Lauki cooked in a tangy tomato gravy is the best way to end your dinner.

Breakfast - Andhra Style Breakfast

A delicious crispy dosa with raw mango chutney is a wonderful breakfast.

Lunch - Kerala Lunch Meal

Dive into a rich and delicious kerala style egg roast served with appam and erissery.

Dinner - Au Gratin

Try a new dish for dinner.

Breakfast - Sandwich and Juice

A quick sandwich and juice is a great combination to start for the day.

Lunch - One pot Meal

Beetroot rice is a quick meal to make.

Breakfast - Egg dosa

On your lazy saturday have a delicious Egg Dosa.

Dinner - Saturday Night with Pizza

A spicy Tandoori Paneer topped pizza which required no oven to bake.

Breakfast - French Toast

French toast is a must try for your Sunday Breakfast.

Lunch - Biriyani Lunch Meal

Try some healthy Biryani for your Lunch .

Dinner - One dish meal

Mexican style chicken mole sauce served with tossed rice.