Weekly Meal Plan With Dal Pakwan, Thalassery Chicken Biryani And More

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Weekly Meal Plan is a plan where we decide recipes across the world which includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We try and include everyday recipes in the meal so that you can easily get the ingredients and also try them in your home kitchen. We tend to eat and make recipes from where we belong too and it becomes boring after some time to eat the same food. Therefore, we should try recipes from different regions too so that our family gets more variety of food to eat. These meals are filled with all the nutrients which are required for your body on daily basis for you and your family.

Every week, we try and add some special recipes that you can make for weekend. This week's Saturday Lunch special is a Indian dinner specila which includes Thalassery Chicken Biryani and Corn & Onion Raita. There are many raitas, chutneys and salads that you can make along with these meals. Also on weekends, you can serve a sweet treat with your meal. So What are you waiting for? Shop your groceries, stock them for the week and get started.

Breakfast - Upma and Coffee

This South Indian Style Poha is delicious and is best served with karupatti coffee.

Lunch - Rajasthani Lunch

Try this Rajasthani plate for your weekday and we are sure you will make it again.

Dinner - Kadi, Sabzi and Phulka

Add Palak to your Kadhi and it will change the taste. Serve it with Sabzi and Phulka.

Breakfast - Simple Breakfast

Love eggs? Try this new recipe which will keep your stomach full till Lunch.

Lunch - Sabzi, Raita and Paratha

This Paneer Makhani is delicious and is everything you want for a weekday lunch.

Dinner - Soup and Pasta

Perfect for a lazy weekday, this pasta and soup is easy to make and tastes yummy.

Breakfast - Dhokla and Chutney

This Spinach millet dhokla is healthy and tastes delicious with Dhaniya Pudina Chutney.

Lunch - South Indian Lunch

Simple and satisfying, this sambar, thoran and rice combination is perfect for a weekday lunch.

Dinner - Biryani and Raita

Fillled with the goodness of vegetables, this Biryani is delicious and is served with Raita.

Breakfast - Upma and Juice

Have leftover bread? Make this spicy and tangy Bread Upma and enjoy it with juice.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi and Phulka

This Gujarai Style Khatta Mag is easy to make and tastes delicious when served with a sukhi sabzi and phulka.

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha

Give your usual paratha a twist and stuff it with this Arbi Masala.

Breakfast - Cheela, Chutney and Chai

Easy to make, this Matar Besan and Paneer Cheela will be enjoyed by everyone in your family.

Lunch - Biryani and Raita

Treat your family with this mouth watering Thalassery Biryani and serveit with raita.

Dinner - Chole Puri

Make something special for your Saturday dinner which is simple to make and delicious to eat.

Breakfast - Sindhi Breakfast

What is a better day to treat yourselft with a amazing breakfast than a Sunday?

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha

After a simple meal, this Mughlai Paratha s definitely a treat for your and your family members.