Weekly Meal Plan:Ker Sangri, Kaji Vada, Appam, Stew & Hakka Noodles

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Plan your weekly menu with recipe ideas from Semiya Upma, Ragi Dosa, Kanji Vada, Tacos, Ker Sangri and more. You can now use these ideas to plan your breakfast, pack your lunch boxes and dinners as well. Shop your groceries and stock them for the week and Use these ideas and recipes to help you pack your kids lunch boxes, plan for them. Planning everyday meals does need prior preparation and when you have a menu laid out in front of you, then putting it together just becomes a breeze. You can choose from these options and create your menus for the week. I personally love experimenting with different cuisines. This is what I plan to cook for the week - a few recipes are new and a few are old. The newer ones will see their light on the website as soon as I make them. Happy Cooking

This week we have concentrated more on Dosa for your breakfast as it is healthy and very easy to make. Weekend specials as usual are innovative and delicious. 

Breakfast - Simple Sandwich

Sandwich is a quick to make your breakfast special for your monday morning.

Lunch - Dal and rice

Keep it simple and not too fancy for your lunch meal with a simple and delicious dal, rice and poriyal.

Dinner - Pav Bhaji Night

You can now prepare a healthy and quick Pav Bhaji with a one pot pressure cooker.

Breakfast - South Indian Breakfast

Breakfast can be made special with masala dosa, chutney and a strong filter coffee.

Dinner - Kerala Style Dinner

Appam with Kadala curry is a match made in heaven that can had for your dinner.

Breakfast - Upma and Chutney

Semiya upma is a quick and delicious breakfast to make along with spicy chutney.

Lunch - North Indian Lunch

It is always good to balance out what you eat everyday and in today's meal we have the right proportion vegetables and lentils.

Breakfast - Healthy Dhokla

Dhokla can be made with various ingredients to keep it healthy and delicious.

Lunch - North Indian Lunch

A filling lunch made with Urad dal dumpling that is cooked in spinach gravy, served along with Phulka.

Dinner - One Dish Meal

Mexican tacos with assorted salad will always complete your meal with full satisfaction.

Breakfast - Healthy Breakfast

Toor dal dosa is the best way to fill your stomach in the morning.

Dinner - Rajasthani Vada & Thepla

Keep it simple with Vada and Thepla.

Breakfast - Special Saturday Breakfast

On your Saturday breakfast you can have a special BLT sandwich toast along with juice.

Lunch - Light Lunch

You can have light lunch with a Lauki thepla and Aloo subzi.

Dinner - Mexican Night

You can treat yourself by cooking a delicious mexican dinner.

Breakfast - Poha and Raita

You can have the all time favourite breakfast with Poha and Raita

Lunch - One dish Meal

A one dish meal is all that you need to have for a sunday lunch.

Dinner - Chinese Dinner

Chinese is the best way to keep your tummy full on a sunday night.