Weekly Meal Plan With Paneer Kurma, Palak Raita And More

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The Weekly Meal Plan is back! We are sure you have a lot of recipes in mind about what to make for the coming week and also some of you have the ingredients but are confused what to cook. Therefore, we are here with a weekly meal plan which has some delicious recipes to make for your everyday meals which includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You can shop for the ingredients during the weekend, so that it becomes easy for you to cook during the week. Tasty and full of flavour, do try these recipes and let us know how you liked it?

Also, Sunday Lunch special this week is Non vegetarian treat which includes Simple Mutton Curry with Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha and Burani Raita. Shop your groceries and stock them for the week and use these ideas and recipes which will help you in cooking every day. Happy cooking!

Breakfast - Sandwich and Coffee

This Sandwich is filled with Broccoli, Paneer and peanuts which is high in protein.

Lunch - Sabzi, Raita and Phulka

This Tamil Nadu style paneer kurma is everything you need on a Monday. Serve it with raita and phulka.

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha

Stuffed with Cabbage and carrot, this Paratha is served with pickle and raita.

Breakfast - Dosa and Chutney

Filled with the flavour of Palak and Dhania, this dosa is served with coconut chutney.

Lunch - Sabzi, Raita and Thepla

This Khandeshi sev bhaji is perfect to serve with amrood raita and thepla.

Dinner - Biryani

This Mushroom Biryani has a distinct flavour from pepper and is delicious.

Breakfast - Akuri With Chai

Simple and tasty, this breakfast is perfect for your weekdays.

Dinner - Kadhi Khichdi

This simple meal of Kadhi Khichdi will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Breakfast - Upma With Coffee

Easy to make, this upma is filled with the goodness of peanuts, peas and corn.

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha

Satisfy your weekday hunger with this delicious paratha stuffed with mooli masala.

Breakfast - Poha and Juice

Give your usual poha a twist with this Tomato Poha.

Lunch - Dal, Sabzi and Paratha

Serve this Punjabi style dal with Mixed vegetable sabzi and paratha.

Dinner - Sabzi, Raita and Phulka

Make this restaurant style phool gobhi ki sabzi and serve it with raita and phulka.

Breakfast - Pancakes

Treat your family with this healthy and delicious Pancakes on a weekend.

Lunch - Rajasthani Lunch

Try this special Dal Muthiya this weekend and we are sure you will make it again and again.

Breakfast - Stuffed Paratha

Treat your family with this delicious Raw Papaya and Red Bell Pepper Paratha and serve it with tadka raita and achaar.

Lunch - Non Vegetarian Lunch

This simple mutton curry is a saviour when you want to eat some delicious and easy to make.

Dinner - Chole Chawal

This delicious combination of Chole Chawal is all you need to end your week.