Weekly Meal Plan:Khow Suey, Veg Burger with Hummus, Sandwich and More

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With the Summer heat catching up, planning what goes into the main meals of the the day has become all the more important for me. I started the #SummerMealPlanning hashtag on Instagram and it took off so well; not only for me but I found many found this planner very useful. So here I am in my first planner for Archana's Kitchen, sharing it with you, to make your lives easier too. This weeks menu are recipes already on Archana's Kitchen that are being tried and tested many times over to give you the perfect recipe. Most of these recipes serve 4 to 5 people — we are a family of 2 adults, 2 pre teen boys and a house help. And with all the cooking, we very rarely have leftovers. If you have a larger family, you might want to consider making a larger quantity or if you have a smaller family then you can half it.

Breakfast - Gujarati Style Breakfast.

Easy thepla with the goodness of methi that is served along with sweet and spicy mango pickle.

Dinner - One pot dinner

A quick dinner with a savoury pongal served along with tangy eggplant curry.

Breakfast - Poha with smoothie

Indian breakfast with a refreshing drink.

Lunch - Wholesome Dinner

Pumpkin is rich in vitamin C while spinach is good for Iron, the curry is paired with ladies finger fry, Phulka and raita.

Dinner - One dish dinner

You can fill up your stomach with this delicious veggie burger with hummus.

Breakfast - Sandwich and Ice Tea

Easy to make sandwich and a cool ice tea to wake you up.

Dinner - One dish dinner

A bowl filled with lots of flavours to make a delicious meal.

Breakfast - Simple Toast and Baked Beans

Crispy toasted Bread with wholesome & healthy baked beans.

Dinner - Mexican Dinner

You can fill up your stomach with a simple vegetarian quesadilla.

Breakfast - Sweet and Savoury

Treat yourself both sweet and savoury for your sunday breakfast.

Lunch - One Pot Lunch

You can keep it simple with just one pot dish.

Dinner - Hand tossed Ragi Crust Pizza

Ragi Pizza Crust topped with roasted vegetables and grilled salad by the side.