Weeknight Dinner: Beetroot Sambar, Kolhapuri Egg Curry, Soy Biryani, Pizza, Chopsuey & More

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Here is a delicious weeknight dinner menu plan that you can use to make a dinner and also pack into a lunch box. From Beetroot Sambar, Kolhapuri Egg Curry, Soy Biryani,  Pineapple Paneer Tikka Pizza, American Chopsuey and some lip smacking desserts for the weekend - I am sure you will love it.

For Friday, Saturday & Sunday we have special dinners to ring the start of the weekend. I truly believe that there has to be special days dedicated to making special foods, where we can try out new cuisines and enjoy them with our family and friends. I hope you find this weeknight dinner meal plan useful and do share it with your friends and family.


Aloo Matar Curry, Millet Phulka, Rajma Salad, Dahi

A wholesome and delicious dinner packed with colourful vegetables and protein from the Rajma Salad. Make a little extra ahead and pack these for the lunch box next day.


Kolhapuri Egg Curry, Ghee Rice, Raita & Pickle

A dinner you will love with the Kolhapuri egg curry and ghee rice. It makes a very comforting meal for dinner. You can also make a little extra and pack this curry for lunch along with Phulka.


Carrot Cabbage Thoran, Beetroot Sambar, Rice & Curd

A wholesome and comforting meal packed with nutrients and protein from the sambar. Serve the sambar rice hot, topped with a little ghee for added flavour.


Soy Chunks Andhra Biryani, Raita & Egg Roast

Make this simple and yet delicious biryani for a mid weeknight dinner. With a little planning this meal can be put together in 40 minutes.


Paneer Tikka Pizza, Salad & Chocolate Mousse

Here is a delicious Friday night dinner that you can make at home. The Pineapple Paneer tikka pizza is an all time favorite and the salad along with the chocolate mousse completes a delicious dinner.


Vada Pav, Dahi Vada & Mango Kheer

We are always looking to make something chatpata and special for a Saturday night and treat our family with delicious foods. Here is a delicious Vada Pav which you can serve with Dahi vada and end the meal with a Mango Kheer.


Hakka Noodles, Chop Suey, Chilli Potato & Panna Cotta

Here is a Indo Chinese Dinner for Sunday - with Hakka Noddles, American Chopsuey , Chilli Potato & Yogurt Panna Cotta for a lip smacking dinner.