Weeknight Dinner: Lauki Wadi, Jaisalmer Kadhi, Quesadillas, Thai Curry & More

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Planning this weeks weeknight dinner, just got simpler. This week, we have a wholesome and healthy menu planned out for you from Lauki Wadi, Jaisalmer Kadhi, Quesadillas for a Friday Night dinner and a Thai Menu for a Saturday dinner.

Each day of the week, we have planned in such a way that it is complete, includes proteins, carbohydrate and also vitamins and nutrition from the vegetables and salads. Being in the peek of summer, we have kept the vegetables less spicy and used summer vegetables which are easily available too.

I hope you enjoy making this weeknight dinner menu plan and enjoy the power of home cooking.


Lauki Wadi, Jowar Roti & Carrot Raita

Lauki is a very cooling vegetable for the summers and makes a delicious curry when cooked along with wadi. Serve it along with Jowar Roti and Raita to make a cooling dinner.


Dondakaya Poriyal, Sambar, Pachadi & Butter milk

Here is a simple and yet complete south indian dinner idea which has a delicious dondakaya curry, greens sambar and buttermilk to cool off for the summers.


Palak Dal, Jeera Aloo, Ragi Phulka & Raita

Summer time is great to serve Lahsuni Palak Dal along with jeera aloo and healthy ragi phulka. You can also pack this for the next day lunch for office or school.


Palak Moth Bean Khichdi, Kadhi & Papad

Here is a simple, quick weeknight dinners which is wholesome and packed with protein and nutrition. Serve the Khichdi topped with ghee along with kadhi and papad for a quick indian dinner.


Beans Quesadillas, Mexican Salsa & Nachos

Make your Friday dinner special with this delicious Mexican Menu of Quesadillas, Salsa, Sour Cream & some Crispy Loaded Nachos. End it with a dessert like Tres Leches to make it special.


Ice Tea, Thai Curry, Raw Papaya Rice & A Thai Pudding

Here is a delicious Thai Menu for a saturday night dinner which is packed with goodness from the flavors of lemon grass. It includes Thai Yellow Curry Rice, Steamed Buns, Ice Tea & a Tapioca Pudding.


Chicken Tikka or a Falafel Wrap & Salad

Sunday dinners are nice when we keep it simple and yet wholesome. Here is a Chicken Tikka Wrap or a Vegetarian Falafel wrap that you can make for dinner and serve it with watermelon salad.