Weeknight Dinner: Pavakkai Poriyal, Sweet Potato Thepla, Moussaka, Chop Suey & Chaats

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Planning weeknight dinners are essential, it's a great time when we can sit together as a family and enjoy some wholesome delicious food. This week, we have a plan which includes dishes from south indian, gujarat, north india, continental and indo chinese - From Pavakkai Poriyal, Sweet Potato Thepla, Moussaka, Chop Suey & not to miss a Sunday Chaat Party Menu !

Don't forget to check out our favorite Indo Chinese Menu on Saturday  - which has a Baked Gobi Manchurian, Tofu Fried Rice, American Chopsuey and a delicious Chocolate Mousse. 


Pavakkai Poriyal, Kosambari, Rasam & Rice

A simple and yet wholesome dinner which you can make with a little planning. Keep the vegetables chopped and kept for the kosambari and poriyal. Once you have them ready, then making the dinner will be a jiffy.


Lauki Sabzi, Sweet Potato Thepla & Carrot Raita

A wholesome and yet simple dinner that you can make. Have the potatoes boiled ahead of time and also make the pickle for the week, so you can have it at any meal. You can also pack this into the lunch box next day.


Walor Muthia Nu Shaak, Gujarati Kadhi, Chickpea Salad & Ragi Phulka

With a little planning you can get into making a wholesome meal for dinner like this one. A meal rich with taste, nutrition & protein can be packed into the lunch box next day.


Podi Sadam, Andhra Mango Dal & Raita

Here is a simple and yet healthy weeknight dinner you can make. With the ingredients handy in the kitchen, these recipes are simple and easy to cook & delicious to eat as well.


Grilled Veg Moussaka, Apple Salad, Caramel Custard

Make your friday night special with a delicious recipe of Vegetarian Moussaka served along with Apple Lettuce Salad with a chilli dressing and then end it with caramel custard for dinner.


Gobi Manchurian, Fried Rice, Chop Suey & Mousse

Let's just dive right into the kitchen make a special dinner of Indo Chinese for the family - the classic Gobi Manchurian which is made in a healthy way and you will not feel guilty. Also the tofu fried rice and the lip smacking American Chop Suey, will keep you wanting for more.


Chaat Party Sunday!

This sunday, have a light lunch and plan for a chaat party at home just for your family. Make the Banarasi Tamatar Chaat Recipe, A Pani Puri Dahi Vada & Pav Bhaji for dinner. Your family will love it.