Weeknight Dinner Recipes: Plan Your Meals With Dal Makhani, Raita & More

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We tend to postpone many household chores till weekend, like any cleaning or stocking up the groceries in pantry. Our busy weekdays are meant for the last minute rush to everything-be it office, school or packing lunch boxes for everyone who will be away from home till evening. It will be a blessing in disguise if we can plan the menu ahead of time, since we can keep a check on pantry stocks and replenish to the need of the week. It is easy to balance the recipes in kitchen if we know what we are cooking and have a nicely laid out plan ahead of time. Here we have come up with the weeknight dinner recipes to ease the task of your planning for dinners.


Make Oriya Special Dalma Recipe with toor dal and a mix of veggies where the majority of labour while preparation only goes in chopping the vegetables. Pair it up with tawa paratha. Prepare tangy Strawberry raita on the side. You can pack up the leftover dalma for lunch with freshly made theplas or phulkas in the morning.


Toast the pav and make the Pav bhaji recipe for dinner, and savour it along with a masala chaas recipe. You can make an interesting and easy Kulia Fruit chat recipe to cool down the palate. You can chop the required fruits and veggies during the early evenings to make cooking even more easier.


Make Andhra Style Chicken Curry Recipe which cooks under an hour, with marinated chicken with spices. If you are a vegetarian, you can prepare Hara Chana Masala instead, which is prepared with seasonal fresh hara chana. Pair the curry with Kerala Parotta which is made without eggs. For sides, you can also make caprese salad which are easy to prepare than imagined, by putting together cheese, tomatoes and a vinaigrette.


Maharashtrian Multigrain Thalipeeth is made with ragi, bajra, oats, and besan flour, and once you are ready with various flours and spices listed, they are as easy as chapatis to prepare. Baingan Bharta Recipe which is essentially Smoked Roasted Eggplant with Green Chillies and Ginger, goes very well with multigrain thalipeeth. You can prepare a raita like Burani raita for sides. You can pack away baingan bharta for next day's lunch box with phulkas along with a sabzi. If making paneer at home, prep up today by making paneer and freezing it, to prepare kadai paneer on Friday.


Treat your family this friday night with Whole Wheat Naan Recipe, and make easy Jain Style Dal Makhani Recipe (made with lentils) and rich Kadai Paneer recipe for sides, from the paneer which you freshly made. You can also use the store bought paneer, if you were out of time. You could also sneak in Gajar Ka Halwa which is made with carrots to satiate the sweet cravings.