Weeknight Dinner Recipes: Plan Your Meals With Dhokla, Istew, Ragi Rotti And More

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Hope you have had a great Christmas party and feeling all pumped up and energetic for the whole week ahead. There are only a few more days left for the New year 2017 to lurk in! While you are eagerly awaiting for the new year celebrations, why not celebrate this last working week of the year with tasty and lovely dinner recipes that can be prepared under an hour? If you are not taking off from your work and schools this week, this menu is so apt to plan ahead and only dream and shop for the new year to come. Enjoy with our weeknight dinner meal plans.


Buckwheat Corn Dhokla is a healthy version of dhokla prepared using buckwheat, sweet corn and curd. The soaking time is an hour and it gets steamed in 20 minutes and hence does not need much work on the very first working day of the week. Pair your meal with quick green chutney and whip up Masala chaas recipe to end the meal.


Parsi Style Lagan Sara Istew Recipe is a Rich Sweet Assorted Vegetable Curry Recipe which can be prepared in an hour. Scoop it up with hot phulkas and a quick Tomato Onion cucumber Raita. You could pack the leftover Parsi Istew with parathas, thepla or phulka for lunch on wednesday.


Make Yellow Pumpkin Pulav Recipe that cooks in 30 minutes and pair it up with nutrition rich Bengali Doi Maach for a mid week non-veg recipe for sides, or make a quick Sweet & Spicy Coriander Tadka Raita for a simple vegetarian meal. Have the leftover Pulav for the next day's gluten free breakfast.


Millets are important to be included in diet at least once in a week. Make the Ragi Ujju Rotti Recipe and have it with easy to prepare Tomato Onion Chutney and Palak raita. You can pack away the ragi ujju rotti for lunch the next day, or makeover the rotti into healthy rolls with a dry sabzi like Chana Aur Aloo Ki Sookhi Sabzi Recipe.


Meal of Friday night is expected to match the prelude to weekend that the night is. Make Vegetarian Mexican Tacos with Baked Beans with easy taco shells, an easy sweet corn vegetable soup and a Creme Caramel Flan. You need to make Creme Caramel Flan in the morning and chill it till dinner.