Weeknight Dinner Recipes: Plan Your Meals With Methi kadhi, Parsi Pulao And Much More

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We tend to make elaborate menus for the weekend brunches and dinners and often choose exotic menu which is not prepared regularly otherwise. Why not prepare a menu ahead for the weeknight dinners which are the best time we get to spend with our family every day? Select the recipes from the menu to plan ahead of time and shop the required ingredients on Sunday. Stock up your groceries for the whole week to ease your trouble of one big question- "What to cook for dinner?". Use ideas to prep up in advance or transform the leftover dishes in something that can be carried to office and school for lunch boxes.


Varagu Arisi Pongal recipe is made with kodo millet and moong dal which needs soaking for 30 minutes. Meanwhile prep up for Kathirikai Gothsu and cook both of the recipes hand in hand, since pongal does not require much intervention while cooking. Whip up Pudina Buttermilk Recipe to have a palatably calming effect on the first day of busy week.


Tangy Tamarind Pumpkin curry is delicious, quick and easy side dish to prepare with Tawa Paratha or leftover paratha dough from the morning's breakfast. Or you can also make Kadhi with Methi to side with tawa parathas. You can pack away the freshly made curry with Theplas for next day's lunch.


Make simple steamed rice. While the rice is soaking, prep up for Chow Chow Sambar Recipe and pressure cook both. While the pressure is yet to be built, prepare Carrot methi pachadi as a replacer for poriyal and a little protein boost along with South Indian Meals. You can roast a papad along as well. Pachadi can be had with Instant dosa for breakfast the next day.


Make Shehenshahi Parsi Kheema Pulao Recipe (Mutton dish) or Saoji Methi Pulao Recipe for a vegetarian alternative, along with healthy Makhana Kadhi. You can also prepare these pulao with the leftover rice, if there was any extra amount left out during the day. Treat yourself with easy Pineapple Sooji Sheera for a mid-week dessert. You can carry sheera the next day in a tiny box to indulge after lunch!


Prep the previous day by soaking green moong and sprouting them the next day which can be used on Friday for 2 dishes. Prepare Makki Ki Roti Recipe which is made with spiced cornmeal and wheat flour. This can be handy on a Saturday morning when you might want to sleep a little more, or have pressing tasks at hand for weekend. Make Sarson Ka Saag which is a healthy mix of greens for a protein boost, where you can add either soaked or sprouted green moong. Add in a Mumbai Style Tawa Pulao Recipe with Moong Sprouts and a tomato onion raita to calm the tastebuds.