Try This Winter Dinner - Sarson Saag Pulao, Tomato Sheer With Raita & Pyaz

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As winters approach, all of us love to bring out our best winter wear and indulge in all the seasonal and rich foods of the season. One such meal is this sarson saag pulao served alongside some tomato sheer and raita. Dont miss our lovely condiments of pickled onions and papad that complete the meal. 

A meal that's served piping hot, straight from the pot it is cooked in, and into your plate is this sarson saag pulao. A one pot dish of delicious long grained basmati cooked with nutritious greens that include sarson or mustard leaves along with methi and palak leaves. 

This pulao gets its main flavour from the sarson leaves, which is essentially found only during winters here in India. This simple pulao uses whole spices that lend a lovely flavour to the dish. 

This delicious pulao, is served with some refreshing raita, with the added goodness of carrots and peanuts that are not only healthy but give a crunch in every bite you take. Apart from the raita, the warm tomato sheer has simple flavours of tomatoes cooked with coconut milk and a hint of red chillies that goes beautifully well with this meal. 

Some condiments served with such meals instantly lift up the dish making them complete. Pickled Onions, essentially onions rings tossed in fresh lemon juice and salt makes a great side to this meal along with some papad. 

Before the winter season fades away, try this meal and serve it your family and friends.