Weeknight Dinners: Chana Kadhi, Paratha, Quesadillas & More

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Planning a weeknight dinner is essential for a good working week. It helps is to cook right, eat right and even helps us to plan a good lunch box for kids and for office. In this dinner recipes menu plan, have variety of dishes across cuisines from Jaisalmer Khadi, Stuffed Carrot & Peas Paratha, Gassi recipe, Butter Milk, Kheer and a fantastic weekend menu.

For Friday we have a delicious Italian menu for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. Do try out for the dessert recipe - from Panna Cotta, Mango Kheer and an Apple Pie Ice Cream ! Yum is the work. So go ahead, plan your groceries for the week and make this wonderful recipes for the week and have a different menu each day.


Green Beans Sabzi, Kala Chana Kadhi, Pulao & Raita

A dinner that is packed with nutrition and taste. The Green beans sabzi goes perfectly well along with a Kala Chana Kadhi and a carrot Pulao. Tip: You can pack the Sabzi and phulka for a lunchbox next day.


Jolada Roti, Dahi Baingan, Summer Salad

A light and yet simple dinner which is flavorsome and yet nutritious. Make a healthy Jowar Roti and serve it along with Dahi baingan and a lettuce salad.


Carrot Matar Paratha, Dates Raita & Instant Mango Pickle

Make this wholesome stuffed paratha for dinner which is packed with nutrition from carrots and green peas. Serve it along with a sweet and spicy raita and a healthy instant mango pickle for dinner. Tip: You can also make some extra stuffing and paratha dough to pack for an office lunch box or kids school lunch box.


Methia Koora, Gassi, Phulka, Mooru & Pickle

Here is a classic south indian dinner recipe idea, where we have mixed cuisines. Try the Kooru recipe and serve along with Gassi, phulka or rice, some pickle and end it with a glass of buttermilk for digestion.


Spaghetti, Watermelon Salad, Panna Cotta Tart

Make your friday dinner special with an Italian menu. We have given both a veg and non veg option for spaghetti, along with a delicious summer watermelon salad and a Panna Cotta for dessert to indulge in a weekend treat.


Pav Bhaji, Sev Puri & Mango Kheer

It's Saturday and time to plan something chatpata and make the dinner special. Make this super easy one pot pav bhaji recipe, a sev puri chaat and end it with a Mango Kheer. It will make your dinner lip smacking delicious.


Cheesy Bean Quesadillas, Mango Salsa, Apple Pie Ice Cream

Make you sunday special with these classic Mexican recipes - Quesadillas filled with beans and cheese, a fresh mango salsa and an Apple Pie ice cream to beat the heat for the summers.