Weeknight Dinners : Make Your Meals With Chola Bhatura, Arbi Paratha And More

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Every day meal plans are a daunting task to do all by yourself, since you have many other tasks during the day, especially on weekdays. Weekends would be more blessed than weekdays because we have time to think and organize. It would be great if there is an early plan laid out for the week ahead such that we know clearly of what to shop and how much to shop for the week. Also, we understand the ease of making the recipes that could either be carried forward to the next day by transforming or packing it for lunch, or cooking with the same ingredients for the next day. Considering this, we are back again with the weeknight dinner recipe ideas that could be of help. This menu for weeknights have a blending mix of cuisines across India & the World (Especially for Saturday nights) which help in wholesome nutrition for the nights.

We understand that the only peaceful time when you retrospect your fruitful day is at night. It would be lovely if less time goes into planning and preparing the dinners. This week, try recipes like Kashmiri  Rajma Gogji, Methi Thepla, Chola Batura, Arbi Paratha, Burnt Garlic Veg Fried Rice and more.

Dry Sabzis can be made into interesting paratha rolls for next morning's breakfast or the curries can also be packed for lunch the next day. Also make sure you soak in the pulses the previous night and sprout them in the morning to make sprout recipes for dinner, or soak them first thing in the morning to make them easy to cook for dinners. Stock up on groceries to ease out the weeknights and spice up daily life with lot more time to do other things than planning to dine. We have also included a whiff of additional plan for your weekend too! Take a look and make your meal plan accordingly for the whole week's dinners.


Kashmiri Rajma, Jeera Rice and Bhindi Raita

Begin your week with a Kashmiri Style Rajma and eat it along with Jeera rice and Bhindi Raita Tips for preparation : Do not forget to soak the rajma overnight. Pressure cook the rajma in the morning and refrigerate it. Keep the Rajma out of the fridge 30-45 minutes before adding to the gravy.


Batatu nu Shaak, Methi Thepla, Kala Chana and Curd

This Tuesday prepare a thepla and pair it up with a Kala chana curry and Aloo and Potato Curry and finish off with a cup of curd. Tips of preparation : Cut the leaves of the methi beforehand and store in the fridge. Cover the vessel containing the methi leaves with a newspaper as it can absorb the moisture. Do no forget to soak the kala chana overnight.


Yakhni Pulao - Chicken Or Veg, Tomato Onion Raita

You can prepare either a Veg or a non Veg version of the Yakhni Pulao and eat it along with a side of Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita Tips for preparation: Gather all the spices and the muslin cloth that are need for the Yakhni ready.


Green Moong Dal Paratha and Lauki Raita

Prepare a simple moong dal paratha and eat it along with a delicious lauki raita Tips for preparation : Dont forget to soak the green moong dal for at least 3-4 hours or atleast overnight. The dough for the paratha can be prepared beforehand and kept in the fridge Keep the dough out of the fridge at least 30-45 minutes before preparing the parathas.


Arbi Paratha, Palak Raita and Achar

Enjoy the last night of the week with a healthy stuffed arbi paratha and palak raita along with a spicy lemon pickle. Tips for Preparation : The dough for the paratha can be prepared the previous day and kept in the fridge. Take out the dough 30-45 minutes before making the parathas.


Punjabi Chole, Bhatura and Curd

Enjoy your Saturday with a heavy dinner of Punjabi Chola and Bhatura. Don't forget to finish off with a small cup of a curd. Tips for preparation : Soak Kabuli chana the previous night or at least for 6 hours before pressure cooking it.


Gobi Manchurian, Veg Fried Rice and Mixed Vegetables in Szechuan Sauce

Finish your weekend with an Indo Chinese style of Gobi Manchurian, Veg fried rice and Mixed vegetables in Szechuan Sauce. Tips for preparation : Cut all the vegetables required for fried rice and Szechuan sauce the previous night. You can also wash the florets of the cauliflowers and keep it cooked for gobi manchurian