Weeknight Dinners: Moong Dal Khichdi, Masala Dosa, Paratha & More

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Here is a weekly dinner plan menu spread across cuisines and comfort foods from Green Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe, Mysore Masala Dosa Recipe, Vegetarian Burmese Khow Suey  and much more.

Check out our Sunday Dinner, its special and fun  - Try our world famous Burmese Khow suey Recipe and serving it along with a Spinach & Cherry Tomato salad which has a lip smacking dressing added to it. 

Go ahead and shop the groceries for the week and use our planning tips for each day. 


Aloo Matar Paneer, Phulka, Salad & Raita

Tips for preparation : Make the phulka dough a day ahead and keep the roti dough for 2 days. In addition, boil chana for the salad for the week. It can be a week of simple have a chana dal salad. Chana adds a lot of proteins to the meal. Lastly serve it along with chaas, to digest your dinner easily.


Ghee Rice, Baby Corn Butter Masala & Beetroot Carrot Raita

Tips for preparation : You can pre cook the baby corn and store it in the fridge. Remove the baby corn 1 hour before adding to the butter masala. You can grate the beetroot and carrot and keep them ready for the raita. Mix the raita just before serving.


One Pot Butter Chicken Khichdi Or Green Moong Dal Khichdi & Tadka Raita

Tips for preparation : Do no forget to soak the green moong dal for the khichdi before going to work. Add some papad and make your dinner crunchy and delicious.


Mixed Vegetable Paratha, Ginger Pickle & Curd

Tips for preparation : For the mixed vegetable paratha, you can prepare the stuffing for the paratha earlier in the day or the previous day and roll out the paraths just before dinner.


Masala Dosa, Sambar & Chutney

Tips for preparation : For the masala dosa, you can prepare the masala ahead of time and make a large quantity, You can later use the same masala to use it as a filling for a rolls or add a little water and make it a sagu and make puris the next day.


Pumpkin Quesadillas, Nachos and Custard

Tips for preparation : Enjoy a Mexican style meal over the weekend. Papad Nachos are really easy to prepare, make them in a large batch to munch on them later. Make your weekend special with a custard as a dessert


Vegetarian Burmese Khow Suey, Spinach Salad

Make this refreshing one pot Khowsuey for sunday lunch and serve it along with Spinach and Fig Salad for a sunday dinner with family.