Weeknight Dinners: Plan Your Meals With Khatte Chole, Beerakaya Tomato Koora & More

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Weekdays are the time to multitask and get on with our routines. In the busy households, it is a task to come up with ideas to make decent meals for weekdays. Weekends would be more blessed than weekdays because we have time to think and organize. It would be great if there is an early plan laid out for the week ahead such that we know clearly of what to shop and how much to shop for the week. Also, we understand the ease of making the recipes that could either be carry forward through transformation or packing it for lunch, or cooking with the same ingredients for the next day. Considering this, we are back again with the weeknight dinner recipe ideas that could be of help. This menu for weeknights have a blending mix of cuisines across India which help in wholesome nutrition for the nights.

We understand that the only peaceful time when you retrospect your fruitful day is at night. It would be lovely if less time goes into planning and preparing the dinners. This week, try Milagu Jeera Sadam, Hesaru Bele Southekayi Kosambari, Mooli Bhurji, Beerakaya Tomato Koora, Kaddu Aur Aloo Ki Sabzi and more. Stock up the groceries to ease out the weeknights and spice up daily life with lot more time to do other things than planning to dine.


Make Milagu Jeera Sadam Recipe (Tossed Pepper Jeera Flavoured Rice Recipe) which is an Indian flavoured rice recipe made with crushed peppercorns and cumin and tempered with dry red chilli and curry leaves. For sides, make Kerala Style Pulissery Recipe (Mor Kuzhambu) which is a sweet and sour yogurt based vegetable gravy from the Kerala Cuisine. Make Hesaru Bele Southekayi Kosambari Recipe as a salad along with the meals which is simple to prepare and a healthy accompaniment.


This tuesday, make airy soft phulkas with whole wheat flour and along with that, make Beerakaya Tomato Koora Recipe which is a delectable Andhra style ridge gourd cooked in a tomato based gravy. It is spicy and colourful. Also make Mooli Bhurji to up the protein and nutrition of your meals. It is a popular Punjabi style/North indian style stir fry that's usually made using radish with fresh green leaves available in winter.


Meen Peera is a Kerala Style Fish Recipe with shredded coconut that can be made with a variety of fish with bones for this recipe but it works especially well with sardines (also called mathi or chaala). For a vegetarian option, make a popular Palak Paneer recipe which is a preparation of spinach that is steamed, pureed and simmered along with subtle spices and cottage cheese (paneer). Scoop up the gravy side dish with airy soft and puffed up hot phulkas. Corn And Onion Raita serves as a perfect side dish along with your meal.


Make whole wheat tawa parathas to have curry and sabzi along. Khatte Chole Recipe is a very popular Delhi style street food. It is spicy and tart making for a perfect accompaniment with tawa parathas. Rajasthani Kaddu Aur Aloo Ki Sabzi recipe is a spicy sweet and sour sabzi recipe that goes along with this meal for a dry sabzi. Cucumber Green Chilli Raita is made from yogurt with a mixture of fresh produce such as cucumber, carrot and tomato with a little hint of chopped green chilli. You can take the curry recipe for lunch the next day or roll the tawa paratha with the leftover dry sabzi for breakfast


Put put a pause for the daily rush with upcoming end of the week, make Dabeli Recipe which is Pav Buns with Spicy Mashed Potatoes, Pomegranates & Sev). Also make Calcutta Style Puchkas also known as Pani Puri and Gol Gappa which is a simple and delicious recipe to make at home. This recipe is inspired from the streets of Calcutta. Ash gourd is cooked along with sugar and is  flavoured with saffron and cardamom to make Karnataka Style Kashi Halwa Recipe With Ash Gourd to satiate sweet cravings.