Weeknight Dinners: Plan Your Meals With Punjabi Style Lobia Masala, Shakarkand Beans Sabzi & More

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Every day meal plans are a daunting task to do all by yourself, since you have many other tasks in the day, especially on weekdays. Weekends would be more blessed than weekdays because we have time to think and organize. It would be great if there is an early plan laid out for the week ahead such that we know clearly of what to shop and how much to shop for the week. Also, we understand the ease of making the recipes that could either be carry forward through transformation or packing it for lunch, or cooking with the same ingredients for the next day. Considering this, we are back again with the weeknight dinner recipe ideas that could be of help. This menu for weeknights have a blending mix of cuisines across India & the World (Especially for friday nights) which help in wholesome nutrition for the nights.

We understand that the only peaceful time when you retrospect your fruitful day is at night. It would be lovely if less time goes into planning and preparing the dinners. This week, try Malvani Kurkuri Bhindi Recipe, Dangar Pachadi With Grated Carrots Recipe, Tarkari Ni Kari Recipe, Navratan Korma Recipe, Lebanese Style Baked Chicken and Potatoes Recipe, and more. Dry Sabzis can be made into interesting paratha rolls for next morning's breakfast or the curries can also be packed for lunch the next day. Stock up the groceries to ease out the weeknights and spice up daily life with lot more time to do other things than planning to dine.


Make your monday meal with Punjabi Style Lobia Masala which is a very simple and quick recipe which can be made in a jiffy on the weekdays. Also make Shakarkand Beans Sabzi Recipe which is a delicious preparation of boiled sweet potatoes sauteed along with steamed beans. To go along with these curry and sabzi, make tawa parathas and side with Urad Dal Raita called Dangar Pachadi With Grated Carrots Recipe.


Make your dinner with Malvani Kurkuri Bhindi Recipe which is a delicious lady finger recipe using the aromatic malvani masala from the coastal region of Maharashtra. Also make Khandeshi Dal Recipe with aroma of the Pakka-Masala being roasted which is truly amazing. Make steamed rice and Phulka along with these as main course and end your meal with Moru Kachiyathu Recipe which is Kerala Style Seasoned Buttermilk.


Prepare your dinner with Prawns Pulao Recipe which is Marinated Prawns in Spiced Rice as the main course recipe. Or you can make Tofu Green Pulao Recipe for vegetarian meal instead. Side it up with a curry dish like Parsi Style Vegetable Curry called Tarkari Ni Kari Recipe, and Pumpkin Raita Recipe which goes very well with spicy pulaos.


Make your meals with Lauki Paratha Recipe which Bottle Gourd Flatbread which is mildly spiced. Make Navratan Korma Recipe with 9 vegetables or a mixed combo of dry fruits and vegetables. Prepare steamed rice and a raita dish like Mint and Pomegranate Raita which is a delicious combination of mint, coriander and pomegranate pearls with the cool, refreshing quality of yogurt.


Friday is a prelude to weekend. Prepare a nice meal for you and your family with Lebanese Style Baked Chicken and Potatoes Recipe which is Baked marinated chicken with roasted potatoes which is one of the simplest ways to cook chicken. Vegetarian can opt for a one pot meal like Vegetable Tagine Recipe which is a mix of root vegetables cooked slowly in a tagine along with spices. Make Beetroot Salad Recipe with Mixed Greens & Feta Cheese to side with the meal and Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding Recipe for dessert.