Weeknight Dinners: Pulao Kadhi, Kulith Dal, Thai Curry & More

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This week, we have a delicious weekly dinner menu with recipes spread across various cuisines - Drumstick Sabzi, Sindhi Aam Papad Dal, Chana Dal Salad, Beet Salad, Thai Curry, Pasta & much more.

One of my favorites is the Saturday Dinner Special, which has the Coconut Ice Cream that is simply perfect for the summers.

The great part about these dinners, is that you can make a little extra and pack them for your an office lunch box.

Go ahead and shop your groceries for the week. Make the basic masalas such as tomato puree, onion puree, ginger garlic paste and store it in an airtight container in fridge. Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating!


Pulao, Maakhmi Dal, Raw Papapaya Salad & Methi Raita

A simple and yet wholesome dinner, where there is one simple dal, a fresh raw papaya salad and raita. Tips for Preparation:Grate raw papaya ahead of time and keep stock for using it for packing your lunch box. Soak the dal in the morning, so cooking it at night will become easier as well.


Kulith Dal, Tomato Sabzi, Mango Raita & Chana Salad

Here is a dinner packed with nutrition from across various food groups. Rich protein from the Horse Gram, a cooling raita & protein again from salad. Tips for Preparation: Soak the dal a few hours ahead & have some soaked and cooked chana always ready in the refrigerator, so you can make salads anytime of the week.


Aam Papad Dal, Drumstick Sabzi, Beet Salad & Guava Raita

Make this Aam Papad Dal & serve along with a Drumstick Sabzi & Ragi Tawa Paratha. This Sabzi is a great way to include Drumstick in your diet. Tips for Preparation: Make the dough for the paratha ahead of time, so making dinner will be a jiffy. Also Having multiple cookers in the kitchen, you can make the dal and sabzi quickly as well.


Drumstick Rasam, Kootu & Pumpkin Curry

Give this comforting south indian dinner a try. The kootu comes with proteins,along with a healthy Pumpkin curry and Rasam makes it a delicious and healthy dinner. Tips for Preparation: Cut the vegetables ahead of time in the morning & grind the kootu masala as well. When vegetables are cut, cooking and making the dish becomes much easier.


Mushroom Stroganoff, Herbed Rice, Salad & Panna Cotta

It's friday night and time to go international and treat yourself to some yummy food. Friday night dinners can be made special with a special Panna Cotta.


Saturday Night Thai Dinner Recipes

From a delicious Raw Papaya Rice, Thai Curry & a dessert, you can make your saturday night dinner special for your family. The Tender Coconut ice cream makes a perfect dessert for a weekend dinner.


Sunday Night Dinner Recipe Idea

Pasta is a simple dish to cook and when you add vegetables to it, it makes it healthy and a one pot meal. You can serve it as it is or along with a Watermelon salad and a Mango smoothie to end your dinner.

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