Why You Should Drink More Water?

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Why You Should Drink More Water?

Water is an important constituent of yogic diet. Like oxygen, water is vital for health and life. Our brain and spine need water for proper functioning, our lungs need water to facilitate breathing, our cells and blood need water to move nutrients and toxins and our kidneys need water to efficiently eliminate waste matter.

Water is the healthiest beverage; no other beverage can replace it. To make up for everyday losses, from the lungs, skin, brain and kidneys and to maintain good health, one must drink at least twelve glasses of clean water every day.

Our body often feels dehydrated because water intake has reduced when compared to your physical energy output. You feel tired, drained out, when our body has not received enough water. Below are some of the ways our body gets benefited with the consumption of water.

  1. Water Boost Our Energy Levels: Our body is made up of 60% of water that helps in the digestion process, circulation, creation of saliva and maintains the body temperature. Even the brain has water, which helps to focus and concentrate better. When we drink enough water, these bodily functions perform well which in turn boosts are energy levels.
  2. Water Helps Lose Weight: Since water has zero calories, it is very beneficial when it comes to losing weight. Drinking more water reduces your hunger and eating intake. It even helps in raising the metabolism in your body. Water with a slice of lime, lemon, cucumber and mint leaves are also very popular detox for our body.
  3. Removes Dirt: Water helps to remove dirt from one’s body through sweat or urine, which helps in reducing the risk of kidney stones and even reduces the possibility of urinal infections. Water improves circulation and purifies blood and lymph.
  4. Supple & Smooth Skin: Intake of more water leaves your skin smooth, shiny and hydrated. Well, it is considered as the best anti-aging treatment as it helps to get rid of wrinkles.
  5. Other Health Benefits: It protects us from headaches or body pains which are mostly caused due to body hydration. Also protects one from body sprains and cramps. Water lubricates all the tissues, muscles, joints and organs. It prevents brain and heart disease, and all types of cancer. In addition, water prevents autoimmune disorders like lupus and fibromyalgia.

With all these benefits having the adequate intake of water that our body needs, we can surely prevent a lot of diseases and lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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