Your Favorite Tirunelveli Halwa Is Now At Your Doorstep

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Festivals in India go back in time when there are unwritten customs and traditions that we follow, and they are passed on to us through generations.  Every festival has something special to offer and every region across India, including the smallest of the villages and towns have their favorite food to boast about.

And I have a few sweets that I can boast off too. I grew up with sweets like Tirunelveli Halwa that you will find only in specific shops in the town of Tirunelveli.

Even today, every time I think of making a halwa, I think of the famous Tirunelveli Halwa. My mother always used to fill this gap by trying to make this halwa almost every Diwali.

But as I travelled across continents, I missed having the Tirunelveli Halwa. As I tasted many halwas in the market, I came to the conclusion that no replica could match the halwa from Tirunelveli. Not even the Bombay Halwa.

Want to know what is special about this halwa?

It's cooked in ghee and sometimes lots of nuts and has a melt in the mouth texture. It has a rich reddish golden glaze, a gummy, jelly-like texture, its crumbly taste all contribute to making this Tirunelveli halwa feature in my bucket list of things. I kept telling myself that the only way I could make this happen is when I visit my ancestral town again.

But very recently, I came across a website, started by brothers Anand, Chakkravarthi and Prakash who grew up in South Tamil Nadu and felt the same way that I feel now.

As they had moved away for work, their cravings for the unique sweets and savories of their native place followed them. They longed for the simple, homemade delicacies that came out of certain much-loved shops in small towns in the Southern belt.

When we connected with each other, I was excited to order in my favorite delicacies that I used to have while growing up.

So Where Can I Buy It ?

So if you are one like me and the HitNat brothers, who are craving to have the delicacies from the Southern Region of India like - Tirunelveli Halwa, Thoothukudi Macaroon, Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai (Chikki) and Srivilliputhur Palkova from the traditional sellers then you must order from their website -

When you google any of the above sweets and savories, you will get a thousand sites that offer to sell them, but most often you would not know whether the sellers are sourcing from the right place. has connected us to the traditional shops that have been there for generations. You can find more about their sellers on their website.

For this festive season, they have a 10% discount for special sweets and savories. In addition they have offers where you can buy Tirunelveli Halwa and get a Spicy Mixture Free.

This being the festive season, it’s a great time to gift your family with food they love. You can choose from a variety of combos and ship them across to your friends and family.

Go ahead and place your order of the classic, all time favorite, Tirunelveli Halwa from

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