Your Weekend Dinner Is Now Sorted With Tomato Basil Chicken, Rice & Salad

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Here's a delicious and mouthwatering Continental meal plate which includes Tomato Basil Chicken Curry, Jalapeno Cilantro Lime Rice, Pan Roasted Herbed Baby Potato With Vegetables and Coleslaw Salad on Sliced Apple. This meal plate is inviting and is perfect to serve during weekends to your friends and family or make it if you have guests coming home for dinner.

Full of protein, this Tomato Basil Chicken Curry is a tangy and spicy gravy which you cant miss. The tanginess from the tomatoes gives it a delicious flavour. Along with this we have served Jalapeno Cilantro Lime Rice which goes realy well with this chicken curry. The jalapenos and lemon juice gives it a nice spicy and tangy taste. This Rice recipe tastes great with all the Continental gravy recipes.

To complete the meal, we have Pan Roasted Herbed Baby Potato Recipe With Vegetables and Coleslaw Salad on Sliced Apple on the side. Pan Roasted Herbed Baby Potato Recipe With Vegetables is filled with the goodness of vegetables providing us the necessary nutrients. On the other hand, Coleslaw Salad on Sliced Apple is an unique appetizer which is easy to make and makes this meal even more flavourful and tasty.

Some tips to follow while making this meal:

  1. While making Coleslaw Salad on Sliced Apple, make sure that you slice the apple just begore serving, otherwise it will become black.
  2. You can also use leftover rice to make Jalapeno Cilantro Lime Rice. You can also serve plain Steamed Rice with this curry.
  3. Don't overcook the vegetables in  Pan Roasted Herbed Baby Potato Recipe With Vegetables, as the crunch in these vegetables is necessary to make this recipe.