12 South Indian Breakfast Recipes Other Than Idli, Dosa, Uttapam And Vada

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Breakfast, which means breaking the fast, is considered as the most important meal of the day. When it comes to breakfast, we have many options that we can make, some very easy that we usually chose for our weekdays and some which are a little complicated, we save up for our weekends, as we have more time to cook during those days.

Most of us are always in hurry during weekday mornings, as some of us has to reach office by a particular time and housewives have to pack up the Lunch and make breakfast for their family. In this hurry, we tend to eat something very easy like Toast and Jam for our breakfast. But we have to ask one question to ourselves. Is this filling and providing you the nutrition required for your body? The answer is No.

Therefore, we should always plan up for ur breakfast and make something which is very healthy and delicious at the same time. And when it comes to Breakfast, what can be better than the popular South Indian Breakfast, which is made in every part of India. But if we go and see in other parts of India, only Idli, Dosa, Vada and Uttapam are popular for the breakfast dishes. But there is a lot more to the South Indian Breakfast. 

Therefore, here we have included some delicious South Indian Breakfast Recipes that you can make in your kitchen other than Idli, Dosa, Vada and Uttapam. These Recipes are very easy to make and most importantly also helps you to fulfill your daily nutrition intake. 

  • 1. Mixed Millet And Lentils Adai Recipe

    If you like Dosa, you will love this! Adai is a South Indian Breakfast which is made just like a Dosa and is eaten along with a chutney.

    A mix of different types of millet and lentils are used to make this Adai. It is the most nutritional and healthy breakfast. And the added bonus, this recipe needs very little time to prepare as the batter does not need any fermentation.

  • 2. Ven Pongal Recipe - South Indian Rice and Lentil Pudding

    Ven Pongal Recipe, a very traditional and popular Breakfast or Tiffin dish in South India.

    It is made in every South Indian household and especially during the festival of Pongal which is celebrated as the harvest festival and is spread over four days. Pongal in Tamil means something that is overflowing. 

  • 3. Kerala Matta Rice Puttu Recipe

    The Kerala Matta Rice Puttu is a traditional South Indian breakfast dish. You can also have this for your Lunch.

    The Puttus are fluffy steamed rice cakes of a crumbly texture which are steamed to perfection along with coconut. It is eaten either with a Banana or along with Kadala Curry. 

  • 4. Khara Bhath Recipe-South Indian Rava Bhath

    Khara Bhath Recipe or Rava Bhath is a South Indian specialty that makes a filling breakfast and is quick to prepare. It is just like a regular spicy Upma that you can make for your everyday meals.

    It is a popular breakfast and also a tea-time food in Bangalore-Mysore region of Karnataka. This dish is sure to make a sumptuous indulgence.

  • 5. Karnataka Style Bonda Soup Recipe-Urad dal Fritters in Spicy Dal Soup

    A favourite among all the kannadigas and especially in Mysore, Karnataka Style Bonda Soup Recipe consists of crispy urad dal fritter dipped in a hot thin based dal soup.

    The fritter is usually deep fried but here in this recipe we have made it healthy by pan frying it on the kuzhi paniyaram pan to make it super healthy for your morning breakfast. This is a delicious Breakfast that you can try during weekends or during a rainy/winter morning.

  • 6. Homemade Lemon Sevai Recipe - Lemon Idiyappam Recipe

    Just like Lemon Rice, you can make this Lemon Sevai for your breakfast. The Homemade Lemon Sevai Recipe, is a traditional south indian recipe that is made from from freshly ground rice using a traditional sevai maker. 

    In this recipe, the sevai is sauteed along with green chillies, lemon juice and the basic masalas. A delicious everyday breakfast recipe that can be packed for your Lunch Box also along with some Coconut chutney.

  • 7. Tamil Nadu Style Kothamali Aval Upma Recipe - Coriander Poha Recipe

    Poha, a staple North Indian Breakfast which is made differently in different parts, in which the flattened rice is sauteed with different masalas.

    Here, In South Indian it is called as Aval Upma. Tamil Nadu Style Kothamalli Aval Upma is an easy recipe made with flattened rice flakes that is tossed with fresh and aromatic coriander paste. Toasted peanuts are also added to this poha to give it an extra crunch while eating. 

  • 8. Homemade Thengai Sevai Recipe - Coconut Idiyappam Recipe

  • 9. Masala Paniyaram With Leftover Idli/Dosa Batter Recipe

    If you have some leftover Idli Dosa batter, then you can try this recipe. You can also add your favourite vegetables to make these paniyarams. 

    These Paniyarams are healthy too, as it takes very less oil to cook them. Serve them with Coconut Chutney, Tomato Chutney, Chana Dal Chutney or any other Chutney of your choice.

  • 10. Upma Kozhukattai Recipe

    The Upma Kozhukattai Recipe is a traditional tiffin dish which is made from broken rice and can be combined along with lentils like yellow moong dal to add to the protein.

    The addition of coconut and green chillies makes this dish extra delicious and nutty. Traditionally this dish was made by pounding fresh rice and breaking it to look like broken wheat. But now, as the Broken Rice is available in the market easily, we can make it using them.

  • 11. Egg Kothu Paratha Recipe

    Egg Kothu Paratha is a version of the popular South Indian delicacy made with shredded chapatis or parathas. It is also a great way to use your leftover Chapatis and Parathas.

    Muttai Parotta as it is called in Tamil Nadu is a dish based on a the Sri Lankan version, where it originated as Kothu Roti. Here, we have made it using some Parathas, Eggs and the basic Masalas used in our everyday cooking. 

  • 12. Oats Mor Kali (Kazhi) Recipe (Oats & Buttermilk Breakfast Porridge)

    A traditional South Indian Breakfast, Oats Mor Kali or Oats Buttermilk Porridge that originates from Tamil Nadu, which is generally prepared using buttermilk, with rice flour as the base.

    But here we have used Oats instead of Rice Flour. Tasty, nutritious and easy to digest, the dish resembles sooji and makes for a very healthy breakfast option.