6 Delicious & Easy Indian Pasta Recipes You Must Try For Dinner

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Pasta is one of those Italian dishes which is loved by one and all, whether he/she is an adult or a kid. Everyone just loves to eat pasta, either sauteed in olive oil, vegetables and some Italian seasoning or they are cooked in different sauces that are delicious. From Red sauce pasta, White sauce pasta, Basil Pesto sauce pasta, there are many types of Pasta recipes that you can make at home.

The best thing about Pasta is that it is very easy to make and requires very few ingredients. You can make different combinations with your favourite choice of Pasta like Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccine, Macaroni, Ravioli, Lasagna, Fusilli etc along with different pasta sauces such as Tomato Basil Sauce, Pesto Sauce, White Cheese Sauce, Roasted Cauliflower Sauce, Mushroom Sauce and the list goes on. 

How about we tell you, if you can make Pasta Recipes with an Indian twist? Sounds interesting right? Well, therefore we have lined up 6 delicious and spicy Indian Pasta Recipes that you can try for dinner or even serve it as an evening snack for kids. In all these Indian Pasta Recipes below, we have added a touch of indian flavor and spice, that will go along with a glass of chilled beer for a summer dinner. And if you are serving it for kids, you can serve the Indian Pasta along with a cold smoothie or a milkshake.

These Indian Pasta Recipes makes a great weeknight dinner or you can also pack them in your and your kid's Lunch Box. You can also make them for your brunch and weekend dinners where you can pair them with some Soup, Pizza, Crostini or Garlic Bread.

  • 1. Chicken Tomato Macaroni Recipe - Pasta with Indian Masalas

    Chicken Tomato Macaroni is a delicious combination of chicken and macaroni with tomatoes. At first, the chicken is stir fried with a very special marinade. This spicy marinade takes this dish to a great level, and the goodness of tomatoes makes Chicken Tomato Macaroni recipe really delicious. 

    Serve Chicken Tomato Macaroni along with Garlic Bread With Herb Butter and Minestrone Soup for a weeknight dinner with your family.

  • 2. Pav Bhaji Flavored Pasta Recipe

    Pav Bhaji Flavored Pasta Recipe also called as Fusion Fusilli Pasta is one of the most interesting fusion recipe made to suit the Indian palate, which comes with pav bhaji flavour.

    Pav bhaji is one of the most loved Indian snack recipe and we have fused this luscious flavour with the Italian pasta to make it quite drooling and appetizing.

    Serve this fascinating Pav Bhaji Flavored Pasta Recipe (Fusion Fusilli Pasta) with a crusty bread like Tandoori Chicken Crostini or Garlic Bread with Herb Butter andRich Dark Chocolate Mousse for dessert.

  • 3. Chilli Capsicum Macaroni Recipe

    Chilli Capsicum Macaroni Recipe is an easy macaroni recipe that is simple and tastes absolutely yummy. It is very easy to make, require very less day to day ingredients and therefore you can also pack them in your Lunch Box.

    Serve Chilli Capsicum Macaroni Recipe along with Minestrone Soup, Roasted Carrot Tomato Soup or any other Soup of your choice.

  • 4. Pasta In Pudina Chutney Recipe

    This recipe of Pasta in Pudina Chutney is an Indian version of Pasta where Pasta is cooked with freshly ground Pudina chutney.

    Most times pasta is prepared in a white sauce or a tomato sauce but in this recipe, mint leaves are ground along with tamarind paste, chillies, coriander leaves for that tangy and spicy taste that we are all so familiar with and love so much. 

    You can serve Pasta In Pudina Chutney with a slice of Garlic Bread and a Summer Lettuce Salad Recipe for a quick weeknight dinner.

  • 5. Indian Style Masala Macaroni Recipe

    Indian Style Masala Macaroni is a one pot meal which is very easy to make and taste delicious. To make this recipe, all you need is some vegetables and the macaroni.

    The pav bhaji masala in this recipe adds a twist to its taste and flavour making it more delicious. It is a perfect recipe when you are in no mood to cook.

    Serve the Indian Style Masala Macaroni Pasta as a tea time snack or an after school snack for kids. It also makes a great salad when served chilled. You can even serve it with Minestrone Soup for dinner.

  • 6. Desi Style Masala Pasta Recipe (Indian Style Pasta)

    It's impossible to think of Italian food without a warm plate of pasta and some great wine. Well, the pasta becomes more interesting when you give an Indian twist to it.

    Everyone loves pasta, be it your kids or other members of your family. Therefore treat them with this spicy and delicious Indian style pasta this weekend.

    Serve Desi Style Masala Pasta withRoasted Tomato and Pumpkin Soup for a light weekday dinner.